Six Content Tricks To Increase Website Traffic

People visit your website because of the value you give from your content.


A great piece of content has the ability to send large amounts of traffic if you apply the right tactics. This article will share those tactics that drive visitors to your website.


Create a Post Series


Create a series of posts that’s solely focused on achieving one thing, whether it be how to launch a website, train a dog or boil an egg. The point is to use each post as a channel into the next, while referencing the last. A series post keeps the ‘story’ moving forward and creates a greater level of engagement. Build your series to be the essential guide to achieving a goal; value is what gets people to share and will result in higher search engine rankings.


Interview an Expert


Find an expert within your niche and ask them for an interview. Record an interview session using a video recorder if you meet face to face or use a microphone if you decide it’s easier to chat over the internet. Another successful method is to use a Q&A approach by sending them questions in an email. People want to hear from the experts because they may not have access or the will to contact them on their own; take the initiative by finding an expert that people love and drill them for great content. Once the post is live, your community will jump on it and share with others. Simultaneously, the person you’ve interviewed will hopefully share the piece with their own community (which is often larger than yours) and will send those users to your site as well!


Share a Valuable Resource


Find a program, post or tutorial that you think others will find as equally valuable as you did. There are billions of web pages out there, making it seemingly impossible to moderate and explore them all. Try being the moderator by making the discovery for others; you’ll save them time and let them find something very valuable without having to hunt it down. The right resource may give you a nice traffic bump from others as they tell their friends about what you’ve found.


Create a List Post


Create a list related to a specific topic such as resources, quotes, links to other content, tutorials or media. People love large numbers and structure; for these reasons you can appeal to the interest of your ommunity and craft your own content that garners a high amount of traffic. Choose a great topic that people will either find extremely entertaining or highly resourceful. Craft your content to share the best of what you’ve found.


Highlight Important People


Create a roundup of important players within your niche and explain how they have become successful. Include quotes directly from each of them by emailing and having them submit a short blurb for your article. Write an additional section on each of these important people. Once you publish your article be sure to contact each person you’ve included as they will likely help promote the article. The larger the post and amount of people the more likely you’ll generate large amounts of traffic from tapping into multiple website communities.


Give Something Away


Find out what others are paying for and create a free version then give it away. People have come to expect to pay for certain information if it’s extremely valuable; surprise them by sharing it for free on your website. Breaking the expectations of others and giving value to your content that people would normally pay for, immediately turns it into a great resource which others feel inclined to share. Try giving away free software, information products or couple your content with a contest or promotion.


In this article, you’ve learned six ways to approach your content creation that will improve the chances of your website being found. Begin crafting your own content that people will love now that you’re aware of the tricks that create a flood of traffic.


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Jamie Thomson

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