Brand New Copy is a Copywriting Studio in Edinburgh run by Jamie Thomson

We help your business communicate better. We specialise in providing website copy, product descriptions, video scripts and content marketing to selected industries, all over the globe.

We’ll Handle Your Written Communications


Since 2013, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow their brand and increase their revenue with exceptional copywriting. We’re focused on results, and we dig deep. We’ll unearth the most effective way to communicate your messages. Our founder, Jamie has 12 years’ professional writing experience and has refined his processes to ensure your project is handled and delivered seamlessly.

Web Copywriting

Your website copy needs to grab your prospects’ attention, keep them interested, make them want what you’re offering and get them to take action. At Brand New Copy, we write effective website copy that works.

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is the art of writing content that ranks well in search engines. Whereas SEO copywriting techniques improve the visibility of your content and draw people in, persuasive copywriting convinces them to stay on the page and fulfil a call to action.

Product Descriptions

A well-written product description does more than simply describe your product – it sells it. At Brand New Copy, we will help you understand your target audience and their motivations for buying from you.

Content Marketing

Content is the main reason that people use the internet. Whether we’re reading blog posts, watching videos or interacting on forums, when we turn our attention to the internet, we’re only after one thing.

How We Can Help You


You need a partner that will take care of your written content. Managing content creation in-house can be difficult and time consuming – especially if you don’t have a dedicated copywriting department. And you can’t always depend on part-time or generalist freelancers.

With Brand New Copy as your writing partner, you’ll save money long-term. We price per-project, so you only pay for what you need. We’ll make sure that your communications are consistent in their tone and messaging.

Whether you need professional website copy, or thought leadership content marketing, we have the processes in place to handle your project.  From strategy to execution, we deliver the results that you need. We put the time and effort into getting to know your brand, and we take an invested interest in your company’s growth.

What Our Clients Say About Our Copywriting Work...


‘I’ve been working with Brand New Copy for about 9mths now, as content and SEO experts and found them to be an excellent addition to our team. They research topics well and are up to date with the latest SEO requirements. Since bringing them on board we have since traffic increase by 400% and a lot of this is down to their ability to write relevant content that ranks well. Apart from this they are friendly and a pleasure to work with.’

Mitesh Bhimjiyani, CEO, Success at School


‘Thanks for the descriptions. I absolutely love them! They are laugh out loud, attention grabbing and much more. The headline in particular is amazing and really fits in perfectly with the tone of voice we’re aiming for. There’s nothing at all I’d change. Suffice to say I’m really pleased with everything so far :)’

Joanne Prangell, Founder, Elixi Beauty


‘For the past year, Jamie has been helping us develop video scripts as part of the My Trading Skills platform. We’ve been thoroughly impressed with his ability to take complex information and make it simple and easy to understand. He has really helped establish the tone of voice for our course materials. His attention to detail and commitment to delivering copy on time is second to none.’

Philip Konchar, My Trading Skills

Our Copywriting Process

1. The Brief

Before we begin any project, we need to know what you need us to achieve. Our briefing process involves getting to know more about your business, your audience, your competitors, and your project.


2. Agreement

Once you’ve completed our briefing form, we can agree on the scope of the work that’s required. We’ll outline exactly what you need and how we intend on approaching the project. We’ll provide you with a breakdown of our costs and how long it will take to deliver the work.


3. Research

Research is the at the core of what we do. Whether you need keyword research for SEO-focused projects, or competitor analyses to help position your brand in the marketplace, we view this stage in the process as being absolutely essential.


4. Delivering the Goods

After producing your first draft, we take on all feedback to review your copy and make any adjustments. Every piece of writing that leaves our outbox is reviewed, edited, and proofread. You’ll benefit from having two copywriters work on your project to ensure quality and consistency.

How We Work…


From London Road Studios, Edinburgh, we work with clients in selected industries. We have a strong track record of delivering professional, engaging copy. Working with us as an extension of your marketing team ensures that you get the right copywriter for your project, not the most convenient. Being a small studio enables us to keep our overheads low, meaning we don’t need to charge huge fees to get the job done.


Written, Edited and Proofread


At Brand New Copy, you’ll benefit from the expertise of a team of writers without paying large agency fees. We ensure that every piece of copy that leaves our outbox has been written to the highest standard, is properly edited, proofread and delivered on time, to your brief.

Our Copywriting Case Studies...

Screenshot of the Omexom website

10 Website Pages, Tone of Voice Guidelines and a Print Brochure for Energy Company Omexom

As a copywriting studio that specialises in writing for the energy sector, we were asked by Omexom to write the copy for the launch of their new website.

189 prospectus pages written for the University of Aberdeen + 6 printed booklets

We were asked by the University of Aberdeen to write and proofread the online prospectus copy for their Life Sciences and Medicine and Arts department.

100+ Product Descriptions, 10 Press Releases & Brand Storytelling for Police Watches

We’ve been working with the International Luxury Group, (licensees of the Police brand) since 2013. In this time, we’ve written over 100 product descriptions and brand stories for their watch and jewellery collections.

Thought Leadership Articles for Software Development Company BairesDev

Alongside several other content providers, we were invited to tender to become BairesDev’s copywriting partner. Our proposal was successful and we were asked to write a high volume of articles.

I work with clients from all over the globe. To date, my geographical reach extends as far as the UK, Europe, Russia, the USA, Australia, the Middle East, and Asia.

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