An Annual Report Writer That Provides Objectivity and a Fresh Perspective

As an experienced annual report copywriter, I will highlight your achievements in a clear and engaging way, securing your investor and stakeholder relationships.


What Makes Good Annual Report Writing?

‘In my experience, good annual report writing is about presenting important financial, operational, CSR, and ESG information accurately – while engaging potential investors, shareholders, and employees. Annual reports don’t have to be boring. With a clear theme, a considered structure, and effective storytelling, they can be both insightful and a pleasure to read.’

Jamie Thomson, Brand New Copy

An Annual Report Copywriter with Industry Expertise

Gathering accurate and comprehensive data from the various departments in your company (often at short notice), and then structuring that data into a digestible framework can be challenging. As an experienced freelance annual report writer, I can advise on the best approach to centralising your data collection processes and structuring the insights into a logical format that flows well from start to finish.

One of the most common issues I find when reading reports is inconsistency. Collating data on a company-wide scale for public reading often leads to an inconsistent tone of voice, style, and formatting. My experience as an annual report writer for selected industries tells me that developing digestible tone and style guidelines, as well as templates, can help maintain consistency and lead to a more readable final report.

Likewise, coordinating input and approvals from multiple stakeholders can lead to publishing delays and missed deadlines. I find that creating a detailed project outline, with approval processes, timelines with milestones, and regular check-ins, can help keep the report on track. I specialise in writing annual reports for the following industries:

Annual Report Writing Services: Showcase Your Company Performance, Achievements, & Future Plans

Hiring external annual report writers ensures that your documents provide an unbiased view. Sometimes, it can be challenging for internal marketing teams to make objective decisions about what achievements should be highlighted in a report. Partnering with a freelance annual report writer ensures that your achievements and areas for improvement are outlined impartially, offering a balanced perspective that internal teams might miss.

Outsourcing your annual report writing also frees up your marketing team to focus on other activities. With an experienced copywriter handling your reports, you can rest assured that drafts will be delivered on time and to a high standard. Likewise, a professional annual report writer will maintain a consistent tone and style throughout the document, improving its readability.

Experienced annual report writers are also familiar with industry standards and best practices. For example, as a freelance financial copywriter, I’ll ensure your reports comply with regulatory requirements and that your financial data is presented honestly and transparently.

As a freelance annual report writer, I have worked with a range of clients, including Brunel, CareerBuilder, EMCOR UK,, the University of Glasgow, Indicatura, and Church House Investments

screenshot of careerbuilder website

Energy Report Writing for CareerBuilder and Brunel

CareerBuilder had an urgent requirement for a copywriter to assit with their 2022 Energy Outlook Report in collaboration with global recruitment company Brunel. After sending samples of my previous recruitment copywriting work, the Head of Marketing at CareerBuilder provided me with a full brief for the project.

screenshot of EMCOR UK homepage

A Social Value Report and Tone of Voice Guidelines for EMCOR UK

I was asked by London brand and design agency, Designhouse, to write EMCOR UK’s Social Value Report, and to create a Tone of Voice document. The client provided source material, which had to be organised into a logical structure and re-written to demonstrate how the company was meeting its sustainability goals.

Screenshot of website

Case Studies for’s Hospitality Hiring Insider Report

Having worked on several projects for Totaljobs Group, I asked to structure and edit a series of case studies for’s latest hiring report. The case studies had to be engaging, to-the-point, and highlight the most interesting perspectives.

Copywriting for's Succession Planning Report

Having worked on several projects for and Totaljobs, I was asked to write a report that highlighted the need to build succession planning into a business development strategy. The project involved structuring the report, gathering data, and developing case studies.

screenshot of University of Glasgow homepage

2 Technical White Paper Reports for the University of Glasgow

I was contacted by the Unveristy of Glasgow to write two white papers on two new technologies that the University had developed. As the technologies in question weren’t commercially available in other forms, I had to read a number of academic journals and research papers to familarise myself with the products.

Screenshot of Indicatura website

A White Paper Report for Asset Management Company, Indicatura

Indicatura asked me to write a white paper on asset management and sustainable business planning. The paper had to incorporate key messaging and showcase the organisations products, services, and case studies.

Screenshot of Church House home page

A White Paper for Church House Investments

Church House Investments was looking for a financial copywriter that could write a white paper about the growing importance of community foundations in the UK. The aim of the paper was to build awareness about how financial investments can support local communities.

Annual Report Copywriting: Managing the Process from Start to Finish

Writing an annual report requires a structured process to ensure that the final document is comprehensive, accurate, and engaging. As an experienced report writer, I’ve developed a robust process for gathering internal data from various departments and ensuring smooth collaboration with stakeholders. Of course, every report is different, however, here’s an outline of my typical annual report writing process:

1. Planning and Preparation

Typically, I begin by defining the objectives of the report so that I understand what you want the report to achieve. I’d then identify key messages and tie them into an overarching theme. I’ll identify all the stakeholders that need to be involved, for example,  executives, department heads, financial officers, and I’ll outline the target audience, e.g., shareholders, employees, and customers. I’ll also create project milestones, so you’ll know when to expect each draft.

2. Data Collection

Usually, annual report writing involves gathering financial statements and other relevant financial information from your HR department. Likewise, I’d typically source your operational data, i.e., information about the company’s operational performance, key achievements, and other metrics from various departments. Finally, I’d collect qualitative data such as company highlights, strategic initiatives, and case studies.

3. Content Development

I’ll develop a detailed outline of the report’s structure, outlining where each section will appear in the report. I’ll also take inspiration from any reference reports you have, or any previous reports you’ve published. I’ll begin drafting each section based on the collected data, ensuring the content has a consistent tone of voice and style. Common sections in an annual report include:

  • Introduction and Executive Summary
  • Message the CEO/Chairperson
  • Business Overview
  • Financial Review/Profit and Growth
  • Operational Review
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Financial Statements
  • Future Outlook
  • Conclusion

4. Design and Layout

Although I don’t provide visual design for annual reports, I will provide guidance on which sections could be highlighted as graphics. I’ll work with your internal designer, or graphic design agency to decide on visual elements such as charts, graphs, infographics, and images .

5. Review and Editing

I’ll send you a fully edited and proofread draft of the report for your feedback. Based on everyone’s comments, I’ll make any adjustments to the copy and ensure the report complies with all regulatory requirements and standards. Typically, annual reports require a few levels of approval, and I can suggest a process for ensuring everyone has the opportunity to add their comments.

6. Approval

The next step is to obtain approval from key stakeholders, including senior management and the board of directors. Once everyone has signed off on the copy and the design, I conduct a final review to ensure all feedback has been incorporated and that the document is free from spelling and grammatical errors.

7. Post-Publication Content

Following the publication of the report, many companies like to continue the momentum by publishing a series of thought leadership articles based on the report’s key takeaways. This provides companies with the opportunity to further demonstrate their skills and expertise, while continuously engaging customers with fresh insights.

''Delivers Great Writing''

‘Jamie is great to work with. He has a robust process to ensure he fully understands the brief and can then deliver great writing. Jamie is my go-to man if I need a piece writing on a technical subject that has to be clear and understandable to all.’


Mark Davidson, Distribution and Marketing Director, Church House Investment Management

How Much Does Annual Report Writing Cost?

The cost of writing a typical 10,000-word annual report is around £6,500.

I believe in being as up-front as possible when it comes to pricing. My day rate is £500 and I provide a price per project, so you’ll know exactly how much your annual report will cost up front. Some of the factors that I consider when pricing for annual report writing include:

  • How much content is required for the project
  • The number of words required
  • How much research and data collection is involved
  • How many levels of approval are needed
  • The project deadline

Hire Me As Your Annual Report Writer

If you’re looking for a freelance annual report writer, do get in touch. I can bring a fresh perspective to your achievements and help you improve your investor and stakeholder relationships.