A Sustainability Copywriter That Helps Communicate Your Commitment to Social Responsibility and the Environment

As an experienced sustainability copywriter, I will help you build trust and credibility with stakeholders while meeting your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals.


What Makes Good Sustainability Copywriting?

‘Personally, I think good sustainability copywriting is about being able to communicate environmental and social responsibility concepts in a clear, engaging, and accessible way. It’s about understanding your company objectives and the needs of your customers and stakeholders, and aligning those needs with your CSR content. Good sustainability writing should also capture interest, inspire action, and improve the public perception of your brand’

Jamie Thomson, Brand New Copy

A Sustainability Copywriter with Industry Expertise

Many sustainability concepts are complex and technical, making them challenging for customers and stakeholders to understand. As your sustainability copywriter, I’ll simplify and clarify these concepts, ensuring your messages are clear. I’ll make sure that we communicate your genuine efforts and results, eliminating any perceptions of greenwashing.

I understand that engaging stakeholders and customers in sustainability initiatives can be a struggle. With compelling storytelling and strategic content creation, I can help capture the interest of your target audiences and inspire action. I’ll also ensure that your sustainability messaging is consistent across all your marketing materials.

As an experienced sustainability copywriter, I write across various industries, including energy, finance, technology, SaaS, construction, engineering, manufacturing, and education. The services I provide as a sustainability writer include:

Sustainability Copywriting Services that Improve your Brand Image and Reputation

In today’s regulatory environment, companies are often required to provide detailed reports on their sustainability practices. As a sustainability copywriter, I can help you create comprehensive and transparent reports that meet regulatory requirements and improve your brand image.

Transparency is crucial for building stakeholder confidence, and I’ll take the time to understand your sustainability practices, achievements, Net Zero goals, and areas for improvement. I can help tailor your messages to meet the needs of different stakeholders, including customers, investors, employees, and the public.

I’ve been writing about sustainability since 2013, and over that time, I’ve developed specialist knowledge about environmental issues, sustainable practices, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). I stay up to date with industry trends, regulations, and best practices, ensuring that the copy I write is accurate and relevant.

As a freelance sustainability copywriter, I have worked with a range of clients, including Brunel, CareerBuilder, Centrica Business Solutions, AMP Clean Energy, Lead Intelligent Manufacturing, EMCOR UK, Indicatura, and Allinfra.

screenshot of careerbuilder website

Energy Report Writing for CareerBuilder and Brunel

CareerBuilder had an urgent requirement for a copywriter to assit with their 2022 Energy Outlook Report in collaboration with global recruitment company Brunel. After sending samples of my previous recruitment copywriting work, the Head of Marketing at CareerBuilder provided me with a full brief for the project.

screenshot of EMCOR UK homepage

A Social Value Report and Tone of Voice Guidelines for EMCOR UK

I was asked by London brand and design agency, Designhouse, to write EMCOR UK’s Social Value Report, and to create a Tone of Voice document. The client provided source material, which had to be organised into a logical structure and re-written to demonstrate how the company was meeting its sustainability goals.

Sustainability Messaging and CSR Website Copywriting for LEAD Intelligent Manufacturing

As part of a brand refresh, I was hired to rewrite the Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment Co.’s website copy. This included refining the companies mission, values, and ambition statements, updating product descriptions, rewriting the Home page, and crafting environmental social governance statements.

screenshot of Centrica website

Sustainability-Focused White Papers for Centrica Business Solutions

I was approached by London agency, Designhouse to write 2 whitepapers for Centrica’s new campaign about reducing commercial energy costs. The particular themes of the documents were implementing green innovation and energy optimisation.

website screenshot

White Paper Review and Editing for AMP Clean Energy

London-based creative agency Design House, asked me to review and edit a white paper for AMP Clean Energy’s new campaign. The white paper was aimed at SMEs and had to distil technical information into simple, understandable core messages.

Screenshot of Indicatura website

A White Paper Report for Asset Management Company, Indicatura

Indicatura asked me to write a white paper on asset management and sustainable business planning. The paper had to incorporate key messaging and showcase the organisations products, services, and case studies.

Screenshot of the Net Zero website

Website Copywriting for Specialist Energy Consultancy, Net Zero

Net Zero asked me to update the copy on their website so that it better reflected their services and their position in the energy industry. I wrote copy for the website Home page, the About page and Service pages. The client was very pleased with the results and the copy is now live on the Net Zero website.

screenshot of Allinfra homepage

Sustainability-Focused Thought Leadership Articles for Allinfra

Allinfra asked me to write a series of articles about corporate social responsibility reporting (CSR), and renewable energy certificates (RECs). The articles had to be well-research, include external evidence, and satisfy Google’s featured snippets criteria.

Sustainability Copywriting: From Messaging Guides to Annual Reports

Of course, every company has its own sustainability objectives. However, my sustainability copywriting process typically follows several key stages:

1. Research and Discovery

Typically, I begin by gathering all the necessary information I need to understand your sustainability initiatives, goals, and values. This might involve conducting interviews with key stakeholders, sustainability officers, marketing teams, and executives. I’ll take the time to read through your existing sustainability reports, policies, and previous marketing materials, and I’ll research any relevant industry standards.

2. Defining Your Objectives and Audience

Together, we’ll outline the purpose of the project and what you want to achieve from partnering with a sustainability copywriter. We’ll determine the specific goals of your sustainability messages and we’ll map out how they fit within each of your marketing channels. We’ll then define your target audiences.

3. Message Development

I’ll craft core messages based on content pillars that align with your sustainability strategy and values. As well as using your internal data, I’ll incorporate storytelling techniques to create narratives that illustrate the impact of your sustainability initiatives. Typically, this stage leads to the development of a sustainability messaging guide.

4. Content Creation

Once we’ve developed your core messages, I’ll apply them to your marketing materials, whether that be annual reports, white papers, case studies, or website copy. I’ll write the deliverables in a consistent tone of voice, ensuring clarity, engagement, and adherence to brand guidelines. I can also advise on visuals such as charts, images, and videos to enhance understanding and engagement.

5. Review and Feedback

Based on everyone’s comments, I’ll make any adjustments to the copy and ensure your deliverables comply with all regulatory requirements and standards. Typically, sustainability copywriting requires a few levels of approval, and I can suggest a process for ensuring everyone has the opportunity to add their comments.

6. Finalisation and Approval

The next step is to obtain approval from key stakeholders, including senior management and the board of directors. Once everyone has signed off on the copy, I conduct a final review to ensure all feedback has been incorporated and that the deliverables free from spelling and grammatical errors.

7. Post-Publication Content

Following the publication of your sustainability-focused copy, many companies like to continue the momentum by publishing a series of thought leadership articles based on the themes identified in your core messages. This provides you with the opportunity to further demonstrate CSR and sustainability efforts, while continuously engaging customers and stakeholders with fresh insights.

''You Can Count On Him''

‘Jamie is a pleasure to work with! We started working with him a few months ago as we needed more technical blog posts for our website, and he’s always taken the time to understand what we need and produce high-quality, well-written content on a variety of energy topics. You can count on him to meet deadlines and adapt to your writing and formatting guidelines. We would highly recommend Jamie for all your technical copywriting needs.’

Esther Lowde, Content Marketing Manager, Wood Mackenzie

''Brought Our Story Alive''

‘Working with Jamie was so easy. He communicated well, kept the project on track, and always let me know the next steps. He perfectly brought our story alive and embedded it into the energy landscape, and the final product performed better than expected. I’d work with Jamie again in a heartbeat!’
Stephen Skidmore, Director Product Marketing, Nasuni

''A Pleasure to Work With''

‘We started a blog over a year ago in which Jamie has helped us with articles in relation to the utilities industry. Jamie has always easily understood our content needs, he is very committed to his work, the deliveries have always been on time and the articles reflect his knowledge of the industry and good research. A pleasure to work with, definitely will continue to work with him on our future projects!’

Karla Tecanhuey, Marketing Project Manager, triPica

''A Great Experience''

‘If you ‘re looking for a copywriter that respects the client’s assignment without compromising his own expertise as a writer, don’t look any further. We needed a copywriter to smoothen a voiceover text for a technical offshore client. It was a great experience working with Jamie and the Brand New Copy team. They can simplify complex, technical language, so that everybody understands. The message really came across clearly. They’re quick and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Last but not least, they’re friendly. Jamie knows what he’s doing, when it comes to writing for video.

Stefan Wittekamp, Scheef Idee Producties

''Writing With Clarity''

‘Jamie writes with expertise and clarity. He is very knowledgeable about the renewable energy industry, and his blogs were detailed, in-depth, and interesting, always with SEO always in mind. I highly recommend him for writing readable, engaging blogs on complex topics.’


Ellen Barnes, Global Content Specialist, Brunel

How Much Does Sustainability Copywriting Cost?

I believe in being as up front as possible when it comes to pricing. My day rate is £500 and I provide a price per project, so you’ll know exactly how much the work will cost up front. Some of the factors that I consider when pricing for sustainability copywriting include:

  • How much content is required for the project
  • The number of words required
  • How much research is involved
  • Whether tone of voice guidelines are required
  • Whether on-page SEO should be considered
  • How many revisions are needed
  • The project deadline

To provide some context, here’s an overview of what I charge for different types of sustainability copywriting:

White Papers

Around 3,000 words including all research, gathering statistics, case studies, conducting interviews, revising and editing, 3 rounds of revisions.

Cost: £3,000.

Thought Leadership Articles

An 800-1,000-word blog post, well-researched, appropriately cited sources, 2 rounds of revisions.

Cost: £450.

Annual Reports

A typical 7,000-word annual report, including interviews with stakeholders, consultancy, structuring, writing, editing, and proofreading.

Cost: £6,500.

Case Studies

A case study of around 1,000 words with client interviews, working from internal data, writing, revising, editing, and proofreading.

Cost: £1,000.

Hire Me As Your Freelance Sustainability Copywriter

If you’re looking for a freelance sustainability copywriter, do get in touch. I can help you build trust and credibility with stakeholders while meeting your Corporate Social Responsibility goals.