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5 Simple Finance Tips for Freelance Copywriters

This guest post is written by Tom McCallum, Senior Content Manager at FreeAgent.   Working as a freelance copywriter might seem like a dream job but you might be put off when you discover the financial responsibilities that come with being self-employed.   If you’re just starting out, or if you’ve been struggling with the […]

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Kick-Ass Copywriting Tips For Your Website

By Jamie Thomson / 23/12/2013 / Guest Posts / No Comments

Guest post by We Are Cheeky Sparrow.   Good copy…scrub that. Excellent copy is the superhero of your website.   Forget the crowd-pleasing, flash-animated graphics and sliding visuals, if your website copy is pants (with or without the superhero embellishment), then you’re as good as invisible to search engines and their bot side-kicks.   I […]

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