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Content Marketing Case Study: 325% More Traffic (450% More Revenue)

In June 2016, we started an SEO-focused content marketing campaign with our client in the education industry. In this seasonal niche, we helped grow their year-on-year organic traffic by 325% after 6 months, and increase their year-on-year revenue by 450%. This content marketing case study outlines the approach we took to achieve the results.   […]

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Why Content Is The Most Important Part of Your Website

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How Small Businesses Are Levelling the Content Marketing Playing Field

According to recent statistics published by the Content Marketing Institute, small businesses are leading the way when it comes to implementing content marketing strategies. Following last year’s Content Marketing Awards, when asked how small businesses can compete against larger brands in the pursuit of marketing glory, CMI founder Joe Pulizzi replied:   ‘There were a […]

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Six Content Tricks To Increase Website Traffic

People visit your website because of the value you give from your content.   A great piece of content has the ability to send large amounts of traffic if you apply the right tactics. This article will share those tactics that drive visitors to your website.   Create a Post Series   Create a series […]

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The Best Type of Content to Engage Readers

There are certain types of content that search engines always seem to reward well. These are generally the types that people enjoy reading the most – and that’s no coincidence.   Since Google’s Penguin and Panda Updates, poorly written website content is now heavily penalised so if you want your website to rank well with […]

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