Website Copywriting That Grabs Your Prospects' Attention by the Eyeballs

I write website copy for clients in a range of industries. From single page value propositions to entire websites, I have the processes and the experience to ensure the success of your project.

What Makes Good Website Copywriting?

‘Good copywriting is well-researched. If the writer is able to put themselves in the audience’s shoes, then that makes a big difference and it really comes across in the text. Empathy is important too. If you’re able to dig down into what a customer’s pain point are and what issues they’re having, you can then present the product or service as the answer. And you can then build in the persuasive elements to encourage them to take action.’

Jamie Thomson, Brand New Copy

Website Copywriting Services


Your website copy needs to grab your prospects’ attention. It needs to keep them interested, make them want what you’re offering and get them to take action. I write effective web copy that works. Good website copy delivers an effective message in a persuasive light. It appeals to a specific audience and has the power to influence. It’s a great investment in your business.


People don’t read on the internet in the same way they read on paper. When we visit a webpage, our eyes tend to be drawn to images first, then we read captions and scan sub-headings before reading the body copy. We’re conditioned to click hyperlinks and jump between pages, so it takes a very persuasive page of copywriting to keep your visitors focused on the content.


''Nailed Our Tone of Voice''

‘Jamie did a fantastic job rewriting all our product descriptions for our premium paddle board brand, along with extensive brand copy for our ecommerce website. He nailed our tone of voice and the brief first time with very few tweaks needed before setting all the copy live. Everything was delivered very efficiently and it was a pleasure to work with Jamie. Brand New Copy will now be our go-to copy writers going forward.’


Charlotte Green, Head of Marketing, Red Paddle Co

''A Pitch Perfect Piece of Work''

‘Jamie took the time to understand us, our business and what we were trying to achieve. This allowed Jamie to construct a tone of voice which represented how we wanted to communicate to the market. This laid the platform for our website copy and we were very grateful for Jamie’s patience and persistence with our desire to produce a pitch perfect piece of work. We worked together on the problems and found solutions to any challenges we came across, ultimately crafting an excellent copy deck. Jamie was thoroughly professional in his work, meticulous with the detail and always hit his deadlines.’


Tom Haley, Director and Founder, Quantik
Photo of architect in Aberdeen

''A Pleasure to Work With''

‘It was a pleasure to work with Jamie. He delivered what we outlined in our brief perfectly and in a short timescale. We had to get our property more exposure quickly and he acheived this through well-written copy and SEO targeted keywords and phrases. His headings enabled us to design a site around the text and we acheived in a short space of time is a testament to him as much as the web developers.’

Jonathan Cheyne, Donside Properties

Magda Knight

''A Freelancer in a Cape''

‘Jamie Thomson is able to deliver both quality and quantity. When it came to populating a national careers site with over 700+ career profiles offering genuine guidance to young people, he was a lifesaver. He’s a freelancer in a cape. will be sure to shine the bat signal in his direction in the future.’

Magda Knight, Online Editor, Plotr


''An Ideal Copywriting Partner''

‘We decided to branch out into the oil and gas industry and to create a website for our company that was catering to this market. Jamie was the ideal partner to help us create the content for the website. His professional knowledge of the industry clients and terminology helped us to create a website that matches our needs and speaks to our clients.’
Katja Knoechelmann, Magal Oil and Gas

''Thrilled with the Copy''

‘Thanks very much for the content. We are all thrilled with this text and Laura and I are really happy with the result. All is on point and we are excited to work with you again in the future.’

Daniel Gerber, CEO, Petro-Logistics

Here's What You Need to Know About Website Copywriting...

  • The most popular button on the internet is the ‘back’ button which means that if your copy isn’t instantly engaging, people will look for your products or services elsewhere.


  • People are becoming savvier to what good copy looks like. You need to impress quickly because it only takes 3 seconds for someone to make up their mind whether they’re interested in what you’re selling online.


  • Web copywriting requires an active voice. Simply listing your products and services isn’t enough – your content needs to create a sense of urgency and clearly outline the benefits to potential customers.

How I Can Help

As an experienced freelance website copywriter, I can manage medium or large projects. Some areas I can help with include:


  • Carrying out essential keyword research
  • Writing SEO-focused website copy that will improve your search presence
  • Delivering your messages in a clear, engaging way
  • Producing high quality, original website copy
screenshot of Vercity website

80 website pages written for infrastructure and real estate leadership company, Vercity

Vercity (formerly HCP), was established in 1997 as a specialist healthcare PFI (Private Finance Initiative) and PPP (Public-Private Partnership) developer. This project was a collaboration between Brand New Copy and Edinburgh creative agency, Elastic.

screenshot of ANU website

Copywriting for Programme Pages and Prospectus Guides for The Australian National University

ANU required a copywriter to refresh the content on its College of Law programme pages. The new content had to reflect the University’s values and provide a better fit for its new dynamic tone of voice. The pages also had to incorporate on-page SEO to increase their visibility in search rankings.

189 prospectus pages written for the University of Aberdeen + 6 printed booklets

I was asked by the University of Aberdeen to write and proofread the online prospectus copy for their Life Sciences and Medicine and Arts department. Some of the website copy was then used as the basis for 6 printed booklets for taught postgraduate courses.

40,000 Words Edited and Proofread for Sustainable Energy Company InnoEnergy

I was approached by KIC InnoEnergy to proofread and edit copy for their new website. Working from a detailed copy deck, I proofread and edited more than 40,000 words of KIC’s Master Education programmes. The resulting edits were uploaded to their website and the copy is used as part of their online prospectus.

Screenshot of WAES homepage

170 Course Pages Written for Westminster Adult Education Service (WAES)

WAES required a flexible education copywriting partner that could improve the content on the course landing pages. Each course description had to have consistent messaging, a cohesive tone of voice, and use relevant brand language according to style guidelines. 

screenshot of aim website

Website Copywriting, Company Values, and Case Studies for Engineering Company AIM

AIM contacted me as they were looking for a copywriter with experience in writing for the engineering sector. The company was undergoing a rebrand and required a copywriter to get to the core of their messaging.

14 Optimized Website Pages Written for Nexus Surface Treatments

Working in collaboration with design agency 06Media, I was approached to write the copy for the newly-designed Nexus website. After meeting with the client face-to-face, I initially helped them refine their service offerings by specialism and industry.

15 Optimized Web Pages and TOV Guidelines for HostChain

I was asked by HostChain to write the website copy for their new brand. The copy was to be used as the basis for the website’s design. The company required upbeat, consistent, and informative copywriting that included tone of voice guidelines. Keyword research had to be carried out for each page and on-page SEO applied to all 15 pages.

Screenshot of the Omexom website

10 Website Pages, Tone of Voice Guidelines and a Print Brochure for Energy Company Omexom

As a website copywriter that specialises in writing for the energy sector, I was asked by Omexom to write the copy for the launch of their new website. They needed a tone of voice that reflected their position as a leading electricity provider to local authorities in hard to reach areas of the world.

Brand Storytelling, a Home Page, History and About Page for Petro-Logistics

After conducting an initial conversation with the company’s CEO, I gathered as much information as we could about the company’s history and its current positioning in the marketplace. We agreed on a professional and approachable tone of voice.

screenshot of Magal oil and gas website

Website Copywriting for NASDAQ-Traded International Oil and Gas Company

I was approached by Magal to write the copy for their new website, which was to be tailored to their oil and gas clients. Magal required 19 pages to be written in total and each page had to have clear, engaging messaging but could be understood by everyone.

Screenshot of Baillie Gifford website

Website Copy and Messaging for Baillie Gifford

HR communications consultancy, Conversio Consulting asked me to work on a messaging project for the Early Careers section of Baillie Gifford’s website. The copy had to highlight the career opportunities available to young people across the company.

screenshot of Subtec Pro website

Website and Brochure Copywriting for Subtec Pro

I was asked by Subtec Pro to write the copy for their new website and to write a brochure, outlining their services. Given the complex nature of what the company does, the copy had to be clear and conscise, using consistent messaging throughout.

screenshot of Red Paddle Co website

Website Copywriting, Product Descriptions and Press Release Writing for Red Paddle Co

Red Paddle Co asked me to review the copy for their new website. They wanted their renewed brand to communicate the quality of their products in a fun and engaging way. As part of my research, I arranged a video call with Red to learn more about their positioning in the industry and how they prefer to communicate with their customers.

Screenshot of the DMP website

Website Copywriting for Daventry Metal Products

DMP asked me to update specific sections of their recently redesigned website. I provided copy for the Home page, About page and various service pages. The client was very pleased with the work and the copy is now live on the DMP website.

Screenshot of the Net Zero website

Website Copywriting for Specialist Energy Consultancy, Net Zero

Net Zero asked me to update the copy on their website so that it better reflected their services and their position in the energy industry. I wrote copy for the website Home page, About page and Service pages. The client was very pleased with the results and our copy is now live on the Net Zero website.

Screenshot of Perth OCD website

Website Copywriting for Perth OCD Clinic

I was asked to write the new website for the Perth OCD Clinic in Australia. Working closely with Dr. Gayle Maloney, we helped structure each page and communicate clear messages about the clinic’s services and OCD in general.

Screenshot of Spartan website

Website Copywriting and Tone of Voice for Spartan Maritime

Marine consultants, Spartan Maritime required copy for their newly re-branded website. The copy had to strike a balance between communicating the technicality of the company’s offerings and engaging the reader on a conversational level.

How I Work

Before I take on any web copywriting project, I like to get to know the client first. I’ll arrange an initial meeting (by telephone, email, Skype, or face-to-face) to learn more about your business and what you hope to achieve from working with me.


Once we’ve agreed a brief, I’ll create a project schedule outlining our copy milestones. From there, I’ll send you a draft of the first page to approve. I’ll carry over any feedback to remaining pages and send them over in batches to approve as we go.


We provide website copywriting services to clients in a range of industries including:


How Much Does Website Copywriting Cost?

Every website copywriting project is different. However, I believe in being as up-front as possible when it comes to pricing. My day rate is £500 and I provide a per-project price, so you’ll know exactly how much the work will cost up front. Some of the factors that I consider when pricing for website copywriting services include:


  • The number of web pages that need written
  • The number of words required per page
  • How much research is involved
  • Whether tone of voice guidelines are required
  • Whether on-page SEO should be considered
  • How many revisions are needed
  • The project deadline


To provide some context, a small website copywriting project might look like this:


Initial briefing session: After completing our briefing form, we’ll arrange a one hour phone call or Skype session discuss the specifics of the project in more detail.


Research: Research can involve conducting a brief competitor analysis, creating tone of voice guidelines and researching the marketplace.


Writing: Home page, About page, Service pages x3


Amendments: Typically, we offer two rounds of revisions per page. However, we always aim to please and are usually happy to make additional tweaks at no extra cost until you’re happy with the copy.


The cost for a website copywriting project with this scope would cost £2,500. The price would include all ongoing correspondence with the client, editing, proofreading and amendments. I’d send over each page individually to gather your feedback, adjust and approve as we go. Typically, I’d deliver all pages in two weeks from the agreed start date, assuming good client communication.

Contact Me Today

If you’re looking for a freelance website copywriter that will take an invested interest in the growth of your business, then please get in touch.