Jamie Thomson is an Engineering Copywriter That Helps Companies Build Authority with Words.

At Brand New Copy, we write website copy, press releases and brochures for engineering companies. We provide valuable engineering copywriting that engages readers and improves conversions.

What Makes Good Engineering Copywriting?

‘Engineering is a wide-ranging industry and there’s a lot of technical terms involved. Good copywriting strikes a balance between using enough technical terms to gain the audience’s trust. Also, brand language is important in engineering because sometimes the content can be quite dry. However, that doesn’t mean to say that the copy can’t have a bit of personality in there as well.’

Jamie Thomson, Brand New Copy

Engineering Copywriter


As a team of engineering copywriters, we write compelling website copy, press releases and brochures for companies in the engineering industry. We write accurate and factual copy for websites and printed materials. The engineering industry moves quickly so you need an engineering copywriter who can keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

How Our Engineering Copywriter Service Can Help


As your engineering copywriter, we will produce well-written, properly researched and suitably referenced copy within the field of engineering. Here are some of the engineering copywriting services we offer:


  • Sales and landing pages
  • Website copy for engineering companies
  • Engineering white papers
  • Copyediting and proofreading services
  • Press releases and brochures

Our copywriting services have been used by a range of clients in the engineering sector, including TRAD Hire and Sales and Burns & McDonnell.  

14 Press Releases and a Corporate Brochure for TRAD Scaffolding

We were asked by marketing consultancy ACW, to write a series of press releases for TRAD Scaffolding with the aim of positioning them as an authority in their industry. The press releases covered a range of subject matter, including the opening of new offices, events, training and product launches.

A Full SEO Audit, 25 Optimized Web pages, News & Blog Articles for Field & Lawn

We were asked by agency Mearns & Gill to help improve Field & Lawn’s online search presence by focusing on-page SEO. We were asked to write the copy for their new website and their sister site, with a particular focus on SEO to improve search engine rankings.

8 Optimized Web Pages for Carrara Concrete

We were asked by J.P Carrara & Sons to rewrite their website copy to capture the scale and history of the company. Each page was included on-page optimization, including keyword research and internal linking. The client was delighted with the final copy.

Explainer Video Script Written for Vryhoff, Oil Field Equipment Supplier

We were asked by graphic designer Stefan Wittekamp, from Scheef Idee Producties, to write a 4-minute video script for his client Vryhoff’s new product. Working closely with Stefan, we wrote a video script that took complex, technical information and made it simple and easy-to-understand.

Long-Form Case Study for TR Scaffolding

TR Scaffolding asked us to write a long-form case study of one of their recent projects. The copy had to clearly demonstrate the steps that were taken to overcome a challenging construction project. After gathering all the details of the project, we created a skeleton draft, outlining a proposed structure.

A Case Study for Outdoor Storage Manufacturers MetroStor

MetroStor asked us to write a case study of one of their recent projects. We were required to take technical notes and turn them into an engaging study that highlighted how the company overcame obstacles to create innovative storage for their client.

A Case Study for Street Furniture Manufacturer Streetspace Group

Streetspace needed a copywriter that could take complex technical information and produce a readable case study to attract prospective clients. The case study had to draw out the benefits of the company’s approach and highlight how they overcame design obstacles.

How We Work


Every piece of work we do for our clients in the engineering industry is well-researched and we guarantee that your final copy is original and unique. To begin with, we’ll ask you a series of questions to help us form the brief and gather all the information we need to start your project. Once you’re happy with the quote, we’ll begin work. After your first draft, we offer amendments until you’re happy with the final results.

How Much Does Engineering Copywriting Cost?


We believe in being as up-front as possible when it comes to pricing. Our day rate is £400 and we provide a price per project, so you’ll know exactly how much the work will cost up front. Some of the factors that we consider when pricing for education copywriting include:


  • How much content is required for the project
  • The number of words required
  • How much research is involved
  • Whether tone of voice guidelines are required
  • Whether on-page SEO should be considered
  • How many revisions are needed
  • The project deadline


To provide some context, here’s an overview of what we charge for different types of engineering copywriting:


Basic website copywriting package – 5 pages, e.g. Home page, About page, Service pages x3, including briefing session, research, ongoing correspondence, 3 rounds of revisions.


Cost: £2,000.


4-page brochure – Around 1,000 words including briefing session, all research, ongoing correspondence, 2 rounds of revisions.


Cost: £800.


Press release – Around 500 words, including initial briefing, ongoing correspondence, 2 rounds of revisions.


Cost: £300


Our prices include all ongoing correspondence with the client, editing, proofreading and amendments.


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If you’re looking for an engineering copywriter, do get in touch, we can help grow your brand with excellent content and sales copy.