A Copywriting Studio in Edinburgh, Established in 2013

From our studio space in London Road, we provide copywriting to clients in selected industries, all over the globe.

How We Started...

‘Hi, I’m Jamie. I’ve been writing professionally for 12 years. I started out as a freelance journalist and made the switch to copywriting in 2013. After a couple of years working closely with an agency in Aberdeen, I moved to Edinburgh and shared a studio space with other creatives at Hill Street Design House. In late 2019, we upped sticks and relocated to London Road Studios, a shared space with Touch Agency. And so you find me here today.’

Photo of London Road Studios, Edinburgh

At a Glance...

  • Based in London Road Studios, Edinburgh
  • We work with clients from all over the world
  • Jamie has 12 years’ professional writing experience
  • 5+ years in business as Brand New Copy
  • 150+ satisfied clients
  • 300+ projects completed


How We Work…


Most of our copywriting work is done by Jamie. However, when we need more feet on the street, we bring in the expertise of a select group of freelance copywriters. Most of our writers work remotely, which means that you get the best writer for the job, not the most convenient. In such cases, you’ll also benefit from having more than one set of eyes on your project, which means consistently good quality.

Who We Work With…


At Brand New Copy, we have our niches, yet we welcome clients from various industries. To see who we’ve worked with in the past, check out our copywriting case studies, or take a look at our portfolio.  You can also see the industries that we specialise in on our Sectors pages. As we primarily provide copywriting and content marketing services, we also work closely with design, advertising, marketing, and inbound agencies.

Contact Us Today


If you think you’d benefit from any of Brand New Copy’s services, then do get in touch. We’re currently taking on new projects and working closely with other agencies.