A Case Study Writer That Helps You Communicate Your Value With Engaging Copy

By looking at your products and services through the eyes of your clients, I’ll help you turn your success stories into your most powerful marketing asset.


What Makes Good Case Study Copywriting?

‘Good case study writing has a clear purpose, understands its audience, and delivers key messages in an engaging, meaningful way. It’s also human, and focuses on the customer’s needs, challenges, resolutions, and results.  With thorough research and insightful data, a professional case study writer can craft the narrative of your customer stories and capture the reader’s attention, all the while growing your credibility.’

Jamie Thomson, Case Study Writer

A Case Study Writer That Will Build Your Credibility

Case studies are a powerful tool for building your credibility and trust with potential customers. By showcasing real-world examples of how your products or services have helped people overcome challenges and achieve success, you can establish your company as an industry leader and a reliable partner.

Well-written case studies can also serve as effective lead generation tools. By sharing success stories and valuable insights, you can attract potential customers who identify with the challenges that you’ve helped other companies overcome.

As an experienced case study writer, I take the time to unearth the value in your client projects and present your products and services in their most persuasive light.

The Industries I Work Across As a Case Study Copywriter

As your B2B case study writer, I’ll take the time to understand your products and your content goals. I’ll speak with your customers directly to produce well-written, properly researched case studies that engage people on a human level. Here are some of the industries I write for:

My case study writing services have been used by a range of clients including Oxford Languages, Quantik, Riverbed, Caterer.com, Streetspace, TR Scaffolding, Hampton & Associates, MetroStor, AIM, and Ripcord Designs

Screenshot of Oxford Languages website

Case Study Writer for Oxford Languages' Client Use Cases

I write regular case studies for Oxford Languages, the world’s leading dictionary provider. The purpose behind these case studies is to demonstrate how innovative tech companies are using dictionary data to develop cutting-edge products.

Screenshot of Riverbed website

A Series of B2B Case Studies Written for Riverbed Technologies

Riverbed Technologies is an American IT company that develops software and hardware that improves network visibility and end user experience. Through London creative agency Design House, I write regular case studies showcasing the impact of their technologies.

Screenshot of Hampton & Associates website

Case Study Writing for Hampton & Associates' Customer Stories

Aberdeen-based creative agency Hampton & Associates commissioned me to write several case studies demonstrating the results they have achieved for their clients in the oil and gas industry.

screenshot of aim website

Case Study Writer, Website Copywriting & Company Values for Engineering Company AIM

AIM contacted me as they were looking for a copywriter with experience in writing for the engineering sector. The company was undergoing a rebrand and required a copywriter to get to the core of their messaging.

Screenshot of Caterer.com website

Case Study Copywriting for Caterer.com Reports

As part of my report writing for Caterer.com, I’ve written several case studies based on interviews from people in the hospitality industry.

Case Study Writing for Manufacturing Company Streetspace

Manufacturing company Streetspace, asked me to write several case studies to showcase how their services have added value to specific industry sectors.

Long-Form Case Study Writer for TR Scaffolding

TR Scaffolding asked us me to write a long-form case study of one of their recent projects. The copy had to clearly demonstrate the steps that were taken to overcome a challenging construction project. After gathering all the details of the project, I created a skeleton draft, outlining a proposed structure.

Case Study Copywriter for MetroStor Outdoor Furniture Company

MetroStor asked me to write a case study of one of their recent projects. I was required to take technical notes and turn them into an engaging study that highlighted how the company overcame obstacles to create innovative storage for their client.

Screenshot of Ripcord Designs website

Case Study Writing, Website Copywriting & On-Page SEO for Ripcord Designs

As part of a website rewrite for electronic design consultancy, Ripcord Designs, I wrote a series of case studies with the purpose of demonstrating the value that their services add to electronic product manufacturers.

Screenshot of Quantik website

B2B Case Study Writing, Website Copywriting & Tone of Voice Development for Quantik

In addition to writing the copy for quantity surveying company, Quantik, I wrote several case studies, outlining how the company has helped clients settle disputes in the construction and engineering sectors.

My Process for Writing Effective Case Studies

Of course, every case study project is different, and every company has its unique needs. However, my case study copywriting process typically follows several key stages:

1. Understanding your client’s story and your objectives

Typically, I’d begin by conducting interviews with your client to understand the needs and challenges they faced before they used your product or service. I then dig deep to find out how your company helped them achieve better outcomes. I also gather relevant data, statistics, and testimonials that support the client’s story. 

2. Crafting a compelling narrative structure

I’ll develop a clear and engaging storyline and structure the case study into sections covering the project background, challenges, resolutions, implementation, and results. I’ll use engagement and storytelling techniques to bring the client’s journey to life, highlighting the human element and emotional aspects of the story.

3. Writing and editing

Your case study will be written in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner, focusing on the key messages and outcomes. I’ll use plain language and avoid unnecessary  jargon to ensure the story appeals to your target audience of potential customers and shareholders. I’ll then edit the content for grammar, spelling, and consistency in tone of voice.

4. Incorporating visual elements

Effective case studies use visuals to enhance the messaging. I’ll work closely with your in-house marketing team, or contracted graphic designer to guide visual elements like images, charts, graphs, and infographics to illustrate key points and statistics. I’ll also ensure that the visuals complement the written content and help tell the story effectively.

5. Feedback and approval

I’ll send the first draft to you for review and feedback, taking on board any necessary revisions. I’ll make adjustments until you’re completely happy with the final copy. 

''A Pitch Perfect Piece of Work''

‘Jamie took the time to understand us, our business and what we were trying to achieve. This allowed Jamie to construct a tone of voice which represented how we wanted to communicate to the market. This laid the platform for our website copy and we were very grateful for Jamie’s patience and persistence with our desire to produce a pitch perfect piece of work. We worked together on the problems and found solutions to any challenges we came across, ultimately crafting an excellent copy deck. Jamie was thoroughly professional in his work, meticulous with the detail and always hit his deadlines.’
Tom Haley, Director and Founder, Quantik

How Much Does a Freelance Case Study Writer Cost?

I believe in being as up-front as possible when it comes to pricing. My day rate is £500 and I provide a price per project, so you’ll know exactly how much the work will cost up front. Some of the factors that I consider when pricing for case study copywriting include:

  • How much content is required for the project
  • The number of words required
  • How much research is involved
  • How many client interviews are needed
  • How many levels of approvals there are
  • The project deadline

To provide some context, a case study of around 1,000 words with client interviews, working from internal data, writing, revising, editing, and proofreading would cost approximately £1,000.

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