A B2B SaaS Copywriter with Over 10 Years’ Experience Writing for Software-as-a-Service Platforms.

In the competitive SaaS market, you need a copywriter that will help you generate more leads for your business. Whichever industry you operate in, I can help you improve your written communications, nail your tone of voice, and deliver your messages clearly.


What Does Good SaaS Copywriting Look Like?

‘Good copywriting is well-researched. If the writer is able to put themselves in the audience’s shoes, then that makes a big difference and it really comes across in the text. Empathy is important too. If you’re able to dig down into what a customer’s pain point are and what issues they’re having, you can then present the product or service as the answer. And you can then build in the persuasive elements to encourage them to take action.’

Jamie Thomson, Brand New Copy

B2B SaaS Copywriter


As SaaS companies continue to enter niche markets, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for platforms to stand out from the crowd. Those with the most reliable infrastructure, the best customer service, and the most engaging content are rising above the competition.

As your SaaS copywriter, I can help you create authoritative copy that speaks directly to your target audience and perfectly matches your brand’s tone of voice. By identifying your customers’ pain points and getting to the core of what motivates them, I can help inspire them to take action.



''A Pleasure to Work With''

‘We started a blog over a year ago in which Jamie has helped us with articles in relation to the utilities industry. Jamie has always easily understood our content needs, he is very committed to his work, the deliveries have always been on time and the articles reflect his knowledge of the industry and good research. A pleasure to work with, definitely will continue to work with him on our future projects!’

Karla Tecanhuey, Marketing Project Manager, triPica

''Brought Our Story Alive''

‘Working with Jamie was so easy. He communicated well, kept the project on track, and always let me know the next steps. He perfectly brought our story alive and embedded it into the energy landscape, and the final product performed better than expected. I’d work with Jamie again in a heartbeat!’
Stephen Skidmore, Director Product Marketing, Nasuni
Thanasis Polychronakis

''Amazingly Fast Copywriting''

‘Jamie has been helping us from the start on a very, still, niche, technological topic. He has been able to pick up the lingo and ropes of the industry amazingly fast and from there on our relationship kept progressing. We started from plain SEO blog posts with full specs and directions and now have Jamie managing the whole blog’s planning and topic discovery, doing his own research in a demanding and very competitive industry. If you have a demanding SEO copywriting job, Jamie is your man!’

Thanasis Polychronakis, Founder, Netscan

''Creative Attention to Detail''

‘I’d highly recommend Jamie to anyone looking to hire a technology copywriter. Jamie helped us curate our guide How to Start a Tutoring Business for educational SAAS platform. His creativity and attention to detail is second to none. He knows how to engage readers and deliver messages in a clear, entertaining way.’

Woody Webster, Co-Founder of TimeCruncher


''A True Professional''

‘Jamie is true professional and it was pleasure working with him. He seriously gets into topic investigation and we ended up with only minor corrections, I have to admit, Jamie unlike other copywriters we tried, always stayed on schedule which was very important for us to get contact on time. I would use Jamie services again and highly recommend him.’

Ksenia Levenkova, HostChain

Why Hire a SaaS Copywriter?

As an experienced SaaS copywriter, I use the written word to persuade people to take action. For SaaS companies, this can mean encouraging people to subscribe to your service, improving your customer retention rate, or generating leads through white papers, thought leadership articles, and brochures.

I can help your brand develop its tone of voice and make sure that it’s used consistently throughout your company. You’ll save time researching, planning, writing, and editing content and benefit from factually accurate, grammatically correct content.

I also write SEO-focused copy that ranks well in search engines and increases your website traffic. Whether you need langing pages or blog content, I have the expertise to grow your business through organic search.

Screenshot of the triPica website

Thought Leadership Articles for SaaS Company, triPica

As a copywriter for the energy sector, triPica, asked me to provide regular thought leadership articles for their growing content hub. The articles had to reflect the company’s unique positioning in the wider energy industry and provide detailed insights for a target audience of energy companies.

Screenshot of Nasuni website

White Paper for Cloud Storage Company Nasuni

Nasuni had the need for a white paper writer who could write about cyber security and the importance of protecting data in the oil and gas sector. The paper would provide a blueprint for oil and gas companies to store their data securely in the cloud.

website screenshot

Thought Leadership Articles for SaaS Time Tracking Company WiseTime

WiseTime is a software development company who required thought leadership articles to grow their presence in the timekeeping software marketplace. I wrote a series of articles on emerging technologies, billing optimisation and cyber security.

Thought Leadership Articles for Software Development Company BairesDev

Alongside several other content providers, I was invited to tender to become BairesDev’s copywriting partner. My proposal was successful and I was invited to collaborate with the company on their content marketing strategy. They required high volume content in the form of thought leadership articles to be published on various tech websites.

screenshot of pitchdrive website

Thought Leadership Articles for Venture Capital Company Pitchdrive

Pitchdrive asked me to write a series of thought leadership articles on the topics of investing. As part of my research, I carried out interviews with investors and included their responses in the final articles. The client was very pleased with the final articles.

15 Optimized Web Pages and TOV Guidelines for Web Hosting Company HostChain

HostChain asked me to write the website copy for their new brand. The copy was to be used as the basis for the website’s design. The company required upbeat, consistent, and informative copywriting that included tone of voice guidelines. Keyword research had to be carried out for each page and on-page SEO applied to all 15 pages.

A Content Marketing Strategy and Content Creation for SaaS Company Netscan

I was asked by Netscan to help them develop and execute a content marketing strategy for their new website. Web Real-Time Communications is still a relatively new open-source platform and Netscan needed a writer who understood the communications industry and was willing to carry out research.

Content Marketing for SaaS Education Platform TutorCruncher

SaaS platform TutorCruncher asked me to write SEO-friendly articles to increase their organic traffic and improve their authority in the UK tutoring industry.

How a Freelance SaaS Copywriter Can Help You

As your SaaS copywriter, I’ll produce well-written, well-researched copy that draws out the benefits of your products and services. Here are some of the SaaS copywriting services I offer:

Article writing, including blog posts
Website copywriting
Corporate brochures
White paper writing and thought leadership articles
Press releases
Product descriptions

Annual reports

I provide SaaS copywriting services to platforms in a range of industries, including:

Property and Real Estate
Energy and Environmental


SaaS Copywriting Insights

SaaS Copywriting Tips to Improve Your Sign Up Rates

SaaS Copywriting Tips to Improve Your Sign Up Rates

As more SaaS companies rely on product-led growth strategies to remove friction from the sign up process, copywriting is playing an increasingly important role in improving SaaS conversion rates. 

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a B2B SaaS Copywriter?


I believe in being as up-front as possible when it comes to pricing. My day rate is £500 and I provide a price per project, so you’ll know exactly how much the work will cost up front. Some of the factors that I consider when pricing for SaaS copywriting include:


  • How much content is required for the project
  • The number of words required
  • How much research is involved
  • Whether tone of voice guidelines are required
  • Whether on-page SEO should be considered
  • How many revisions are needed
  • The project deadline


To provide some context, here’s an overview of what I charge for different types of SaaS copywriting:


Basic website copywriting package – 5 pages, e.g. Home page, About page, Service pages x3, including briefing session, research, ongoing correspondence, 3 rounds of revisions.


Cost: £2,500.


White paper – Around 3,000 words including all research, gathering statistics, case studies, conducting interviews, revising and editing, 3 rounds of revisions.


Cost: £3,00.


4-page technology brochure – Around 1,000 words including briefing session, all research, ongoing correspondence, 2 rounds of revisions.


Cost: £1,500.


Thought leadership articles – A 1,000-word blog post, well-researched, appropriately cited sources, 2 rounds of revisions.


Cost: £450.


My prices include all ongoing correspondence with the client, editing, proofreading and amendments.


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