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Writing an educational blog is a great way to inspire learning.


Whether you are an educational business owner, private tutor or classroom teacher, maintaining a blog keeps your target audience informed. Educational technology has seen rapid growth in recent years and being part of the educational blogsphere can firmly establish you as an expert in your field. Once you’ve recognised the benefits of educational blogging, it’s important to understand the commitment involved in maintaining regular posts and coming up with new ideas. Here are some ideas for educational blog posts that your readers will love:


Be The First to Review New Technology


Are you an early adopter to the latest educational trends? Why not review the latest apps or the newest websites in your industry to show your forward-thinking credentials? Choose to write about products or services that your readers will be interested in knowing about. Educational technology is on the rise so you’ll never be without a new gadget to write about. Online learning is particularly popular at the moment.


Latest Developments


What’s been happening in your educational niche? Keep abreast of the latest industry news and tell your readers about it via  your blog. Ask for their opinions and encourage them to comment on your posts. Listen to what your readers have to say and reply to any questions they ask – you may also find inspiration from their thoughts for a new blog article.


Guest Posts


Many education professionals would jump at the chance to guest post on a well-respected blog. As well as helping to increase their web presence, accepting guest posts can also benefit your blog as it provides extra content and shows your readers that the information on your blog is sought after and in demand – even by others in the education industry.


Answer FAQ’s


What are the most common questions you are asked about your profession? Why not compile a list and turn it into a blog article with answers. Providing answers to questions gives your readers an insight into the work that you do and satisfies their curiosity. It also helps develop trust in your services as your readers will feel that they have been given some background information into your profession increasing the chances of them using your services or buying your products.


Provide Solutions to Common Problems


The most searched for terms on the internet include the words ‘how to’. Have a think about the most common questions people have regarding your profession and address them in a blog article. Whether it be in relation to classroom management or a career related question, these questions often come from people new to the industry. Target your article towards the ‘newbie’ market to guarantee a high readership.


Create Top 10 Lists


Blog readers love top ten lists as they are usually written in a precise and digestible way. You can create a top ten list for virtually any aspect of education and they can be a great way to encourage comments from your readers. If you’re writing from an educational business perspective, why not send an email to the companies or services you have mentioned in your article and encourage them to comment and share the information? You may also find that your readers will add their own top ten lists as alternative suggestions to yours, which will only increase the popularity of your original article.


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