11 Great Examples of Education Copywriting

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Copywriting provides schools, publishers, and EdTech companies with the opportunity to differentiate themselves and stand out in their marketplace. Yet it’s surprisingly difficult to find good education copywriting examples.


A thoughtful value proposition and a consistent tone of voice can work wonders for an education company’s brand recognition. As a copywriting studio, we make it our business to know what makes good education copy. In this post, we share our favourite industry examples and explain what makes the copy good.


Khan Academy

Screenshot of the Khan Academy website


This is a great example of how to write a simple value proposition. Khan Academy’s homepage copy is succinct and to-the-point, positioning them as a non-profit learning platform . Their tone of the voice uses simple, conversational language that appeals to all three of their target audiences – students, parents, and educators.



Screenshot of the Coursera website


The Coursera website is another example of an online learning platform with great copywriting. The headline speaks directly to the reader and grabs their attention with a bold, empowering statement. Their subheading outlines the benefits of joining their community in one neat sentence.


Pearson Publishing

Screenshot of the Pearson website

One of the world’s largest educational publishers, Pearson has a distinctly inspiring tone of voice. Their homepage copy has an inclusive feel and doesn’t isolate any particular type of learner. What makes their website copy so good is its focus on people. Their copy manages to speak to everyone, while at the same time, addressing you as the reader directly.



Screenshot of the FutureLearn website


This simple, yet effective homepage copy from MOOC platform FutureLearn website is a good example of a company that knows its positioning in the marketplace. The headline uses the rule of three to deliver a short, snappy proposition that outlines the benefits of signing up to one of their courses. On a side note, for a good overview of Massive Open Online Courses, check out the following post from Course For Me: What is a MOOC?




The TES website has a great value proposition. ‘Made by teachers, for teachers’, perfectly sums up how the educational resource website works. Their copy focuses on the value that their resources provide to their users. They don’t talk about themselves and they outline the principal benefit of joining their community – saving time on lesson plans.



Screenshot of the Remind website


Remind is a communication tool that helps teachers reach students and parents. The conversational tone of their homepage fits in well with their target audience. Using the colloquial phrase ‘shouldn’t be so hard’, rather than a more formal alternative, helps engage the reader with their message.


Westminster School

Screenshot of the Westminster School website


Westminster school is an independent day and boarding school in London. Their homepage perfectly captures the tone of voice you’d expect from a leading school with a rich history. The subheading ‘a leading and liberating education’ rolls off the tongue and really appeals to the values of its target audience. The copy also highlights what makes the school unique amongst its competition.


Explain Everything


Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard app. Their website copy is a great example of an education brand with a confident tone of voice. Their subheading has an empowering message that appeals to their target audience of business professionals and creative industries.




Quizziz is a website that lets students take assessments in a fun, motivating way. Their homepage copy has a solid value proposition aimed at teachers. By addressing a common frustration, i.e. how to motivate students and outlining the benefit of their product, i.e. time-saving, Quizizz makes a great case for signing up to their service.


Wycombe Abbey School


Wycombe Abbey is an independent girls’ school in Buckinghamshire, England. Their homepage copy has a bold, confident tone of voice that reflects its ethos as a school. Straight away, they position themselves among their competition and highlight the value of attending their school.




Bloomz is a parent-teacher communication app for schools. Their website copy is a good example of how simple, straightforward language can deliver clear messages. By positioning their app as a ‘one stop shop’ for parent communication, Bloomz creates a compelling proposition.


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