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Learn how to make the most of the sales copy you already have and use it to your advantage.


Chances are, you already have some sales material on your website, hiding in the background just waiting to be discovered by a determined customer. With a few simple tweaks, your copy can greatly improve your sales conversion. So, before you write off your sales pages completely, try tweaking them first. You might be surprised with the results.


Here are 3 simple steps to makeover your existing copy:


Write a More Compelling Headline


This is essential. The headline is the first thing your audience sees. It either grabs your customers by the scruff of the neck or it floats by like a passing cloud. If the headline fails to make an impact, it doesn’t matter how good the body of your sales copy is – it won’t get a fair reading.


Make your headline alluring and stimulate your customers’ curiosities. Talk to your prospective customers about what is most important to them, explain the big benefit your product offers and deliver it in a captivating and compelling way.


Craft half a dozen words that attract attention, think about your product’s keywords and identify specific target markets. Make sure you deliver enough interest and intrigue to pull interested customers inside. If you’re struggling to come up with your headline, just think about the main advantage your product offers and promise it right up front.


Take the ‘You’ out of Point of View


Your own personal success story might mean the world to you, but what does it mean to your reader or prospective customer? Talk about yourself too much and the audience turns off – save the personal stuff for the ‘About Me’ page. Talk to your reader empathetically about something important in their life and you’ll have their undivided attention – at least initially.


There’s a difference between telling your audience how you did this or that and telling them how they can do it themselves, enjoy the process, and be successful in their pursuits.


Remember the old marketing adage “What’s In It For Me?” Every sales pitch your prospect reads prompts them to ask this question. With each claim or statement you make, your audience responds by asking “So What? How does this help me?”


If the answer isn’t immediately obvious, your customer will undoubtedly click the most popular button on their browser – the ‘back’ button and you’ll lose the sale. It only takes a customer 23 seconds to decide whether they’re buying what you’re selling so it’s important to get this part right.


Turn Your Bullet Points Into Mini-Headlines


Make each bullet point a “grabber” in its own right. Potential customers tend to scan specific segments of a sales page to determine if it offers something they want. Be sure to make the most of this powerful tool and write your bullet points with the same passion and effort that you’d put into a major headline.


Bullet points can quickly stimulate your reader’s interest and if you use them to their full potential your copy should encourage the reader to soldier on with heightened desire and interest.


Before you scrap your existing sales copy, try implementing these makeover strategies. You might just notice an immediate improvement in your conversion rate.


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Jamie Thomson

Jamie Thomson is an award-winning senior copywriter and the owner Brand New Copy copywriting studio. With over 15 years professional writing experience, he helps companies engage with their target audience through tailored content strategies and exceptional copywriting.

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