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13 Copywriting Tips to Improve Your Marketing

By Jamie Thomson / 13/04/2017 / Copywriting / 6 Comments

Good copywriting encourages people to take action. Whether the aim is to get people to subscribe to your mailing list, or buy your products or services, the way your message is delivered makes all the difference.   We’ve compiled a list of our top copywriting tips – the ones that can have the biggest impact […]

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16 Copywriting Tips to Improve Your Sales and Conversions (Infographic)

By Jamie Thomson / 15/06/2016 / Infographics / 1 Comment

If only there was a neat little copywriting infographic out there that highlighted the ways you can improve your sales and conversions huh? Well now there is. This is the second infographic we’ve created at Brand New Copy (our first one ‘why you should hire a copywriter’ can be found here). Feel free to reproduce […]

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Makeover Tips From a Copywriter

Style icons we may not be, but at Brand New Copy, we know good copywriting when we see it – socks and sandles anyone?   Learn how to make the most of the sales copy you already have and use it to your advantage.   Chances are, you already have some sales material on your […]

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14 Tips for Writing Website Copy That Sells

Websites sell products and services using one thing – copy.   Whether in the form of video, audio or text, your website’s words are vital. This article will outline the essential steps to creating a structured piece of sales copy that will keep your readers engaged from start to finish.   Tip #1 – Draw […]

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