How to Make Content Sell

Not every piece of content you create has the ability to sell.


Sometimes it can be difficult to gauge the best way to present your products or services to potential buyers. However, you can overcome this hurdle by bearing one thing in mind – your content needs to be the ‘essential’ resource relating to your products or services: the devil is in the detail. This article will share three of the most common types of posts that make people buy – this is content that sells.


Review Posts


People research nearly every item they plan to buy prior to making a purchase. Most people flock to the internet to read user reviews of the item in consideration. A review post about a specific product or service will give people a clearer idea of what’s in store for them after the purchase. A review post informs people how to use the product or service and often enlightens them to some other related products. Reviews are a direct ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing method; they have a higher chance of conversion because they don’t take the traditional slant of being marketing materials created by the company producing the item or offering the service. People are far more likely to buy under the recommendation of others than from the overview on an eCommerce website.


Tutorial Posts


Tutorial posts can be a great way to sell a product simply by giving clear instructions on how to use said product in the most efficient way. A tutorial post will inspire a reader to follow through the process of learning what you have to teach. Tutorial posts draw upon valuable information, proof of your work (using the product) and they solve a problem for your readers. Tutorial posts are often ranked well within search engines and regularly shared with others in social media communities; higher rankings and higher traffic directly equates to higher earnings as a result of your content.




Webinars are online seminars using video, voice and text. Webinars cover a topic in great detail which adds value to the presentation as well as allowing room for the presenter to share their own products or additional resources. Using an AI presentation maker can improve the quality of your webinar. This tool utilizes artificial intelligence to create visually appealing slides, automate tasks, and suggest relevant content for your topic. Participants in a webinar are likely to buy a product that helps them approach the topic as you have shown in the video, reinforced with audio and displayed with text. Additionally, webinar presenters have the ability to jointly venture with other members within a community which cross promotes multiple products.


Content changes the buying behaviour of people around the world. People are able to learn unique and valuable information about an item they’re researching rather than being forced to view a marketing message often seen in advertising and business copy. This article shared three of the common content types that make people buy; apply them to your own website and watch as your earnings begin to increase with each new post.


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