Blogging to Promote a Business

A blog can be a powerful tool for building a profitable website.


Blogging allows you to connect with a community and exchange feedback, which in turn improves your business and practices. This article will share a few of the great ways you can use a blog as a platform for business and promotion.


Write a Tutorial About Your Product


If you include instructions with your products or services then push them out onto the web. Even though you may be afraid that competitors will steal your documentation, you’ll actually be doing your community a great service. By building good search engine traffic you’ll be establishing yourself as the authority in your industry, whereas other competitors will fall by the wayside by neglecting to share their secrets as you have done.


Answer Frequently Asked Questions and Respond to Comments


As your blog grows in popularity, your business will start to receive questions and comments from your community. Rather than half-heartedly answering questions privately by email, why not fully answer questions and go into as much detail as you can. You can then use your reply as a blog post and make it available to a wider audience. Not only will you improve your search engine traffic from people searching for answers but you’ll also have resources to point other customers to which saves you time answering questions! It’s a win win.


Talk about a new Product Release


If your business is releasing a new product or service, then write about it on your blog. Not everyone will find direct value in the post but you can still excite others that have been waiting for a new feature, product or service from your business!


Highlight a Great Customer


Have a customer that’s been with you for years? Highlight them by sharing a small story about them on your blog. If your best customers have businesses of their own, then consider writing about their business and share part of the wealth; doing so will create a great connection with your customers because it shows that you care about more than just making a sale.


Share Reviews and Feedback


If a customer writes you a great testimonial then share it with the rest of the community! Reviews can be a great way to share what others have to say about your business and it doesn’t come across as forceful marketing.


Connect With Other Bloggers


Connecting with other bloggers can extend your network and help promote your services. If other bloggers enjoy your posts, they’re likely to write about your business on their own blog. Compliment their great words by writing about them on your own business blog.


Share Exclusive Discounts and Promos


Have a competition, an exclusive event or gift something back to your community while writing about it in a blog post. Customers love when there are different ways to interact with your business. Try encouraging you readers to participate in a poll or complete a questionnaire in exchange for a prize. You could also use your blog to try out new coupon codes to ignite sales of old and new products. Don’t be promotional too often or your readers will become tired; always try to share information rather than just trying to create sales for your business.


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