Kick-Ass Copywriting Tips For Your Website

Guest post by We Are Cheeky Sparrow.


Good copy…scrub that. Excellent copy is the superhero of your website.


Forget the crowd-pleasing, flash-animated graphics and sliding visuals, if your website copy is pants (with or without the superhero embellishment), then you’re as good as invisible to search engines and their bot side-kicks.


I know what you’re thinking: invisibility is a smart superpower. Yes it is, but only in the movies and comic books. For the purpose of promoting your brand, products or services online, donning Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cape is a definite no-no.


What Search Engines Love


Search engines have a huge appetite for good copy, especially when it’s shiny and new. Well, we all tire of the same snack day in, day out and search engines are the same. Metaphorically speaking of course. They’re as quick to dismiss stale websites or keyword-stuffed web copy, as you are a plate of cold, congealed food.


Why You Want Search Engines On Your Side


Search engines thrive on great websites with amazing ‘live’ content. This could be in the form of regular news articles and blogs, as well as content that describes your brand, products or services. When search engines find these websites, they’re quick to put them on a pedestal and elevate them in the search rankings.


To ensure you hit the top spot in your customers’ searches via Google and other search engines, you want to become best buddies with them, rather than archenemies. For instance, overzealous use of keywords will see your website ‘sent to Coventry’ by Google Penguin and relegated to obscurity.


So, What Constitutes Good Website Copy?


Well, engaging, concise and valuable copy is key to ensuring the return of visitors and customers to your website. Content should feature relevant keywords and phrases, and be fully search engine optimised.


This may all sound very familiar, but have you actually applied any of it to your web content? If not, your website copy could be underperforming. And nobody likes an underperformer, do they?


Avoid Sore Thumbs


Now I’m not talking about over-worked digits here, but copy that has your customers and visitors fixated on the grammatical errors and typos rather than your message, products or services. These imperfections really do stick out like sore thumbs and can send your credibility plummeting faster than your search engine rankings.


Copy should be proofread again and again by several sets of eyes to ensure it’s fit for purpose and conveys the right message.


So, if your expertise lies in your business rather than rolling out exceptional copy, why not call in the professionals? Copywriters are obsessed with the finer details and will deliver SEO copy for your website that evokes the tone of your brand to your targeted demographic.


These words were brought to you by Cheeky Sparrow’s Rachelle Smith. Why not follow Cheeky Sparrow on Twitter and Facebook for more words of wisdom?


Jamie Thomson

Jamie Thomson is an award-winning senior copywriter and the owner Brand New Copy copywriting studio. With over 15 years professional writing experience, he helps companies engage with their target audience through tailored content strategies and exceptional copywriting.

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