Screenshot of the Omexom website

10 Website Pages, Tone of Voice Guidelines and a Print Brochure for Energy Company Omexom

Omexom is an international energy company based in France that produces, transforms and transports electricity to local authorities, energy producers and grid operators.

As a UK freelance copywriter that specialises in writing for the energy sector, I was asked by Omexom to write the copy for the launch of their new website. They needed a tone of voice that reflected their position as a leading electricity provider to local authorities in hard to reach areas of the world. The copy had to be professional, engaging and get across the size of the company’s operations.

I created a detailed tone of voice guide for the company that outlined how its corporate communications should sound in relation to its new positioning in the marketplace. Using a content design approach, I ensured the five principles were addressed in the document’s structure. Both the tone of voice guide and website were written using an active voice in the present tense to engage readers. I used the guide as the basis for writing 10 pages of the company’s website, which we ensured were optimized using on-page SEO best practices.

Once the website copy was approved, I used some of the text to form a short brochure to promote the company’s e-learning platform, Omexom Institute. The client was very pleased with the final copy and our words can be read on their website, here and in their brochure, here.