White Paper Report on Energy Regulation for Oxera Consulting


Oxera is Europe’s leading economics consultancy.

We were asked by Oxera Consulting to assist in writing a short white paper about energy regulation in Europe. The document was to be made available as a download on Oxera’s website and an edited version was to be published in Utility Week magazine. As part of the brief were required to conduct desk research, interview relevant contacts, consider the document’s structure and content design, as well as edit, and proofread the white paper.

After carrying out the initial research, we worked closely with Oxera’s marketing team and a freelance graphic designer. We presented the first draft to the client and took on board the initial feedback. After making the necessary adjustments, the second draft of the white paper was approved. We then worked with the designer to ensure that the copy was presented in the best light. After the white paper copy was approved, we wrote an article based on the original text for Utility Week.

You can download the white paper from the Oxera website here.

And you can read the Utility Week article here.