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I write SEO-focused copy that ranks well in search engines and increases your website traffic. Whether you need langing pages or blog content, I have the expertise to grow your business through organic search.

SEO Copywriting Services

SEO is always evolving. Search engines are getting smarter and best practices are emerging every day. Search Engine Optimization remains one of, if not the best digital marketing strategy for long-term business growth. And the future of SEO looks to be content-based. SEO experts have known for a while now that high quality, original content is the way forward when it comes to pleasing search engines, and as a copywriter, I can help your business on its marketing journey. I’ve worked with lots of clients over a range of different industries, optimizing online content to perform well in search engines. And I’ve had some pretty great results too.


''Increased Our Traffic by 400%''

‘I’ve been working with Jamie for about 9mths now, as a content and SEO expert and found him to be an excellent addition to our team. He researches topics well and is up to date with the latest SEO requirements. Since bringing him on board we have since traffic increase by 1005% and a lot of this is down to his ability to write relevant content that ranks well. Apart from this he is friendly and a pleasure to work with.’

Mitesh Bhimjiyani, CEO, Success at School

How My SEO Copywriting Service Can Help

Whether you’re looking for a freelance SEO copywriter to produce regular content that ranks well in search engines, optimize existing content, or devise a content strategy to improve your organic search results in the long-term, I can help.


As your SEO copywriter, I will:


  • Provide SEO consultancy
  • Perform a content-focused SEO audit of your site
  • Carry out essential keyword research
  • Recommend fixes that will grow your traffic
  • Create a tailored SEO strategy to grow your business
  • Produce quality, research-driven web content


My SEO copywriting services have been used by some of the UK’s top SEO agencies and I’ve managed dozens of campaigns for our own private clients. I keep up to date with SEO best practices through various online sources and we practice what we preach on my own website.


I provide website copywriting services to clients in a range of industries including:


My SEO copywriting services have been used by a range of clients, including Success at School, Passenger Clothing, Plotr, Netscan, several creative agencies and top SEO companies.

A 325% Year on Year Traffic Increase (+ 450% Increase in Revenue) for our Education Client

In a seasonal niche, I helped grow my client’s year-on-year organic traffic by 325% after 6 months, and increase their year-on-year revenue by 450%.

A 1005% Increase in Traffic in 9 Months For Success at School.

In May 2015, I embarked on a year-long SEO campaign with Mitesh Bhimjiyani, founder of the student careers website Success at School. Over the course of the year, I increased his website traffic from 7,029 sessions per month to 77,698 by using SEO copywriting best practices and a carefully planned content strategy.

Screenshot of client's Google Analytics

A 48% Boost in Year-on-Year Organic Traffic for Field and Lawn

In November 2016, I worked on an SEO campaign in collaboration with creative agency, Mearns & Gill. The client in question, Field and Lawn, provides marquee hire for a range of industries all over the UK. This on-page SEO case study details the approach I took to increase their year-on-year website traffic by 48%.

A 20.48% Increase in Organic Traffic in 8 Weeks for Banks O' Dee Sports Club

By implementing the on-page SEO recommendations outlined in my SEO content audit, I increased our client’s organic search traffic by 20.48% within 8 weeks. I significantly improved the ranking positions of all 10 of our client’s primary and secondary keywords and managed to index pages that were previously invisible to Google.

A 55% Increase in Year on Year YouTube Video Traffic for Our Education Client

As a result of taking action on my SEO content audit, my client saw a 54.54% year-on-year increase in YouTube traffic as well as improvements in YouTube rankings. And after the first month of implementing the changes, the site saw a 16% month-on-month increase in YouTube traffic and improvements in YouTube and Google search results.

How I Work

As your freelance SEO copywriter, I’ll write engaging, keyword-focused content broken down into headings, sub-headings and paragraphs while using language that’s easy to understand. The way people read online is changing and we tend to scan information rather than commit our full attention to a page. Given this emerging trend, we make sure that your audience are directed towards the most important information on your website pages first using carefully selected keywords and persuasive language.


Before we take on any new SEO copywriting project, we like to get to know the client first. We’ll arrange an initial meeting (by telephone, email, Skype, or face-to-face) to learn more about your business and what you hope to achieve from working with us.

Drop Me a Line

To hire me as your freelance SEO copywriter, simply email us at hello(at) If you’re looking for a blog copywriter that will take an invested interest in the growth of your business, then please get in touch.