SEO Content Audit Service

I’ve been increasing my clients’ website traffic since 2011, using tried and tested methods that are constantly being refined. My background is in SEO copywriting and so every content strategy I create, starts with a content SEO audit to ensure maximum results.


Improve Your Organic SEO Performance

A great content strategy without the basic SEO foundations is like driving a car with the brakes on. My audit provides an analysis of your website’s current organic SEO performance. It also includes a full list of any
on-page SEO and content issues and provides guidance on how to fix to them.


A 20.48% Increase in Organic Traffic in 8 Weeks for Banks O' Dee Sports Club

By implementing the on-page SEO recommendations outlined in my SEO content audit, I increased our client’s organic search traffic by 20.48% within 8 weeks. I significantly improved the ranking positions of all 10 of our client’s primary and secondary keywords and managed to index pages that were previously invisible to Google.

Screenshot of client's Google Analytics

A 48% Boost in Year-on-Year Organic Traffic for Field and Lawn

After following the on-page SEO recommendations in my SEO content audit, Field and Lawn saw a 48% increase in Year-on-Year traffic, a 5% reduction in bounce rate and a significant ranking improvement for almost all 42 targetted keywords.

Screenshot of YouTube analytics

A 55% Increase in Year on Year YouTube Video Traffic for Our Education Client

As a result of taking action on my SEO content audit, my client saw a 54.54% year-on-year increase in YouTube traffic as well as improvements in YouTube rankings. And after the first month of implementing the changes, the site saw a 16% month-on-month increase in YouTube traffic and improvements in YouTube and Google search results.

Screenshot of YouTube analytics

An SEO Content Audit and 80 Product Descriptions for Independent Jewellers Hamilton & Inches

Hamilton & Inches asked us me write product descriptions for 80 of their new engagement rings. The copy had to reflect their high-end positioning in the market and incorporate elements of persuasion.

What Does the SEO Content Audit Include?

My audit looks at the following:


  • Meta information
  • Page structure and header tags
  • Internal linking structure
  • Image Alt Text
  • Page load speed


I also look at your existing content, and identify any pages with thin, low-quality, or out-dated content that need addressed. I’ll also check your website’s content for uniqueness, to ensure there aren’t any duplication issues.


The results from the audit are presented in an easy-to-read report and includes a summary of all the issues that need addressed before proceeding with your content strategy. I won’t baffle you with technical terms, I’ll spell it out in black and white.

Richard Sutcliffe

''Has Helped Massively''

‘Brand New Copy has helped us with our content strategy no end. They’re able to combine creative writing with SEO driven content. Jamie has helped massively with our blog, gathering all the content and managing the blog series. I highly recommend Jamie and the team for any copywriting needs.’

Richard Sutcliffe, Passenger Clothing

Some of the Tools I Use

SEMRush homepage

SEMRush Pro

A powerful research suite designed to provide digital marketers and online businesses with competitive data. This tool takes the guesswork out of researching your target market, your industry keywords and your competition.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

This website crawler enables us to crawl your website’s URLs and fetch key onsite elements to analyse onsite SEO. This tool helps me identify any on-page SEO issues on your website as well as duplicate content.

Copyscape Premium

A very useful tool for checking for duplicate content across the web. Copyscape will provide a list of any websites that have the same content as yours, regardless of the original source. This tool helps us ensure that your content is unique.


Google Analytics

Google’s own website reporting tool that provides us with data about your website. This tool provides an overview of how your current content is performing and enables us to track improvements in your website traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need an SEO content audit?


Yes, if you’re serious about seeing an increase in your website traffic. An audit report isn’t a copy and paste job, it’s a tailored document, specific to your business that takes time to create. A documented content SEO audit is a very valuable asset and when followed, it will provide your website with a solid foundation to increase your website traffic and grow your business.


If my website has SEO issues, can you fix them for me?


As part of the audit, I’ll tell you exactly how to fix any SEO issues on your site. If these issues are content-based, I can absolutely help you fix them as part of our overall strategy. If the SEO issues are technical, I can provide your web developer with recommendations on how to fix them too.


Why don’t you offer a free audit like some content writing agencies?


Ah, so you’ve come across those. Well, some content writing agencies do offer free audits, but they barely scratch the surface in terms of analysing your website. Most of the time, free audits are only offered to acquire your email address. I don’t offer free content SEO audits because the clients I work with understand the value of paying an agency to do it properly.

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