How much do you charge?

As a general rule, I charge £60 an hour or £500 a day. However, I prefer to quote a per-project price, so you know exactly how much the work will cost up-front. My costs are set in line with the recommended rates outlined by the Professional Copywriters Network. I ain’t the cheapest, but I certainly ain’t the most expensive either.


How do you take payment?

For new clients, I request a 50% deposit before I start working on your copy. Once your project is completed and you’re happy with your final draft, I issue an invoice with 7 days to pay. For larger projects, I’ll arrange staggered payments, to be paid when I meet project milestones. I accept payments by PayPal or bank transfer. There’s more information about our payment terms on our copywriting terms and conditions page.


How long will my copy take?

The first thing I ask is when your deadline is. As long it’s not too last minute, I’ll have your copy ready for then. If you don’t have a deadline, I would provide you with an estimate of how long it will take and will keep you posted on the progress.


What if I’m not happy with my first draft?

I like to revise the copy as we go. I offer unlimited amendments (within reason) until you’re happy with your draft. I then take on board all your feedback before moving on to the next task.


Do you provide free samples?

Unfortunately, I don’t provide free samples – it’s just one of my rules. Free samples don’t do my copywriting justice out with the context of a full project. Free work also takes time to research, structure, draft, edit, and proofread, which I need to charge for.


What industries do you write for?

I specialise in writing for the technology, finance, fintech, and energy industries. However, I don’t limit myself to these sectors alone. If I think I can add value to your project, then I’ll work with you regardless of what industry your business is in. My portfolio should give you a good idea of the types of industries I’ve worked with before.


What copywriting services do you provide?

As a marketing copywriter, I cover most types of marketing copy. Specifically, I write website copy, white papers, and thought leadership articles. I also provide content marketing, and SEO copywriting where I help drive traffic to websites by publishing regular, insightful content.


Who owns the copyright to the work?

You do. Once the project has been completed and paid for in full, the copyright is automatically transferred to you. However, I do ask as part of our terms of agreement, that I’m able to use snippets of my previous work for my own marketing materials.


I have a limited budget can you still help?

Does your budget stretch to £450 a day? If so, then yes. If not, then I’m afraid I’m probably not the copywriter for you. I do appreciate that startups often have limited funds for copywriting but unfortunately I don’t take on projects for exposure or on the promise of more work in the future.


Can you take on projects at short notice?

Ideally, I need at least two weeks to schedule in new projects. However, if your copywriting needs are urgent, and I have capacity, I’ll try my best to accommodate you. No promises though.


How many people work at Brand New Copy?

It’s mostly just me, Jamie. However, I also have a network of other professional copywriters that I can draft in for larger projects.


My full terms and conditions can be found here.