189 prospectus pages written for the University of Aberdeen + 6 printed booklets

The University of Aberdeen is ranked in the top 1% of the world’s universities and is one of the oldest in Scotland.

I was asked by the University of Aberdeen to write and proofread the online prospectus copy for their Life Sciences and Medicine and Arts department. Some of the website copy was then used as the basis for 6 printed booklets for taught postgraduate courses.

After a successful application, I met with a representative from the University in person to discuss the project. The copy had to be in keeping with the University’s tone and style guidelines and meet their content design principles. I used a professional yet conversational tone of voice throughout the website to ensure the language would engage with students, many of whom weren’t native English speakers.

As part of the process, I had regular contact with academics from the University to ensure that I had up-to-date information on each of the courses within the programme. After gathering feedback from all the academics involved, I carried out further edits using the Hemingway Editor to ensure the copy was as readable as possible.