100+ Product Descriptions, 10 Press Releases & Brand Storytelling for Police Watches

Founded in 1983, Police is an Italian fashion brand, inspired by Americana. The brand is known for its celebrity ambassadors and bold image.

I’ve been working with the International Luxury Group, (licensees of the Police brand) since 2013. In this time, I’ve written over 100 product descriptions and brand stories for their watch and jewellery collections.

Originally, my product descriptions were aimed at a target audience of  young men aged between 15-21. The brand stories had a distinctly urban, 80’s Americana feel in keeping with Police’ current campaigns.

I’ve also been involved in writing product descriptions for their rebranding.

What the Client Said

”Jamie has written several high quality press texts for us by following our briefings and adding the right amount of additional excitement from his side. The way he translated the brand’s feeling into short stories while covering the product details is really great.”

Georg Wolfram, International Luxury Group


After some initial project discovery, I came up with the idea of writing each story in the second person tense in order to fully engage the young target audience. Having researched previous Police campaigns, I was familiar with the tone of voice that the brand uses.

I set each story in urban environments and drew on the themes of danger and adventure. To this day, the client is delighted with the copy that I write for their products. My descriptions have featured in various print publications and online.

Here’s a sample of how some the final press releases look: