kenny fraser, director sunstone communication‘Jamie helped me with the copywriting for my first whitepaper. This project is vital to the launch of my business so I was looking for real quality and also responsiveness and reliability. The final product was excellent and delivered at a reasonable price right on time. More importantly the whole process of doing business was easy and professional. Jamie produced good drafts, responded to queries and adapted to feedback throughout. Great experience and hopefully the start of a long working relationship.’


Kenny Fraser, Director, Sunstone Communication


It takes skill to write an informative eBook or whitepaper that fulfills its purpose. It also takes something that most business owners don’t have –  time. Whether you need an eBook to increase your website subscribers, sell as a digital product on Amazon or to improve your brand authority, the key is to have a well-researched and engaging product.


Why Do You Need EBooks and Whitepapers?


EBooks and whitepapers are an integral part of a company’s content marketing strategy and given Google’s recent algorithm updates, a strong focus on quality is important now more than ever. Writing long copy is all about adding value to an industry and properly targeting a specific audience.


What’s more, a whitepaper or an eBook is a great way to tap into the ‘newbie’ market. Every niche or industry has it’s newbies – people who are just starting out and searching for entry level information. Where better to provide all the information they need than in the one document? And where better to turn to create your product than a specialist, freelance whitepaper and eBook writer like me?


Unlike their hardback counterparts, eBooks and whitepapers can be distributed quickly and easily without the need for agents of publishers. If your document provides great value, there’s nothing stopping it being read by thousands of people over the world, which in turn, promotes your business.


An eBook or a whitepaper will continue to promote your products or services in the long term. Once your document has been published, it’s out there on the world wide web for all to read. Through time, your product will be read by more and more people, providing a consistent stream of visitors to your website.


How I can Help


As an eBook and whitepaper writer, I specialize in creating high quality information products for clients over a range of different industries. My bespoke eBook and whitepaper writing service will help grow your business and enhance your reputation as a market leader in your niche. Every project I undertake is well-researched and where possible, I aim to quote relevant statistics and draw information from recent industry trends.


My eBook and whitepaper writing services can help drive traffic  to your website. Having written several products for niche industries, I am able to create an entertaining and professional tone to ensure readers are engaged. I can re-purpose existing content or I can write documents from scratch, carefully doing my own research.


If you’re looking for a freelance whitepaper of eBook writer to craft a unique, engaging product, then look no further. Download my briefing form below or drop me an email at jamiethomson(at)


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