80 Product Descriptions and an SEO Audit for Independent Jewellers Hamilton & Inches

Hamilton & Inches is an independent jewellers that has held a Royal Warrant as silversmiths to Her Majesty the Queen for more than 120 years.

Hamilton & Inches asked me to write product descriptions for 80 of their new engagement rings. The copy had to reflect their high-end positioning in the market and incorporate elements of persuasion. They also required an SEO audit for the engagement ring pages to identify ways of making their products more visible in search engines.

After researching the jewellers’ competitors, I presented a few options for how the descriptions could sound. After agreeing on a structure and tone that fit with their brand, I started work on the first set of descriptions. After receiving feedback on the first few, I made some small tweaks and sent over the remaining descriptions in batches.

Throughout the process, we were mindful of ensuring that each description was entirely unique in content and sentiment. The client was delighted with the final descriptions and we’ve included some examples of our copy below: