26 Product Descriptions and a Brand Story for Elixi Beauty


Elixi Beauty is a professional-quality beauty brand that designs makeup brushes and palettes.

Joanne Prangell, the founder of Elixi Beauty asked me to help establish her new beauty brand. She required a brand story that communicated the company’s message in a clear, engaging way. She also required product description copywriting for her new range of makeup brushes and makeup palettes. The copy had to appeal to a target audience of young people who were actively engaged with Instagram.

What the Client Said

”Thanks for the descriptions. I absolutely love them! They are laugh out loud, attention grabbing and much more. The headline in particular is amazing and really fits in perfectly with the tone of voice we’re aiming for. There’s nothing at all I’d change. Suffice to say I’m really pleased with everything so far :)”
Joanne Prangell, Founder, Elixi Beauty

After conducting a competitor analysis, I agreed on a tone for the brand story and the descriptions. The first draft of the story was very well received and after a few minor adjustments, it was approved very quickly. We agreed a structure for the product descriptions and referenced the words and phrases that we associated with the brand. In total, I wrote 26 unique product descriptions that formed the core collection of the brand.