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A well-written product description does more than simply describe your product. It focuses on its benefits, the experience and the lifestyle. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.

Product Description Copywriting



 A well-written product description does more than simply describe your product – it sells it. At Brand New Copy, we will help you understand your target audience and their motivations for buying from you. Before we start writing your product descriptions, we need to know who we’re writing for. We have tried and tested processes in place for identifying your target buyers. By understanding what your customers need and how your product satisfies them, we can make your offerings irresistible.  

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What Our Clients Have Said...

‘It was a great pleasure working with Jamie and I hope to do more projects together in the future. One of his gifts is the ability to understand what you’re trying to say, even when you don’t, which was an enormous bonus. He is creative, enthusiastic and highly skilled – everything you would want from a writer. Highly recommended.’

Phillipe Ingles, CEO, Wakster, Creative Design Agency


‘Thanks for the descriptions. I absolutely love them! They are laugh out loud, attention grabbing and much more. The headline in particular is amazing and really fits in perfectly with the tone of voice we’re aiming for. There’s nothing at all I’d change. Suffice to say I’m really pleased with everything so far :)’

Joanne Prangell, Founder, Elixi Beauty

How Our Product Description Writing Service Can Help



Whether you’re looking for a freelance product copywriter, or a team to work on a larger project, we can help.  We’ve developed our own formulas for writing product descriptions that sell. As experienced product description copywriters, we will sell the lifestyle and experience around your products. We’ll avoid using technical language and clichés and use brand storytelling to strengthen your message. We use emotive language to engage your buyers and incorporate memorable taglines into your copy.

Our product writing services are used by clients in a range of different industries, including luxury goods, education and retail.  

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114 Product Descriptions Written for Beauty Retailer Elysian

We were commissioned by SEO agency High Position to write product descriptions for Elysian’s newly-designed website. Each description had to be between 100 and 200 words in length and include the relevant fragrance notes of each perfume or aftershave. Each description had be both informative and sell the product using strong calls to action.

100+ Product Descriptions, 10 Press Releases & Brand Storytelling for Police Watches

After some initial project discovery, we came up with the idea of writing each story in the second person tense in order to fully engage the young target audience. Having researched previous Police campaigns, we were familiar with the tone of voice that the brand uses.

80 Product Descriptions and an SEO Audit for Independent Jewellers Hamilton & Inches

Hamilton & Inches asked us to write product descriptions for 80 of their new engagement rings. The copy had to reflect their high-end positioning in the market and incorporate elements of persuasion.

48 Product Descriptions Written for Luxury Brand Bonadea

After agreeing on a structure for each description and establishing the brand’s preferred language and tone of voice, we wrote 48 descriptions, which included individual products and designer profiles. The client was very happy with the final results.

26 Product Descriptions, 3 Category Pages and 1 Brand Story for Elixi Beauty

We were asked by Elixi Beauty to write the product descriptions for their newly-launched makeup brush line ahead of being featured in Grazia Magazine. With a fast turnaround time, the client was delighted with the final descriptions and brand story and the new brush line is selling very well.

16 Product Descriptions, Brand Storytelling and Website Copy for Character Design Company Wakster

In total, we wrote the 16 character descriptions for Wakster that are currently used on their site. The client was happy with the results and was impressed by the creativity used to sell the characters’ personalities. Our copywriting helped bring Wakster’s licensed characters to life.

15 Product Descriptions, and 1 Brand Story for Watch Retailer Marc Brug

Watch retailer Marc Brug asked us to write the product descriptions for their new watch line. With a strong focus on lifestyle and experience, our descriptions have helped establish Marc Brug is a leading British fashion watch retailer.

Brand Naming and 10 Product Descriptions for Blink Touch

Watch retailer Blink Touch asked us to name 10 of their new Naviforce watches. The names had to reflect the personality and lifestyle of the wearer. We also wrote 10 product descriptions that incorporated a storytelling element to showcase the watches in their most persuasive light.

A New Collection Description for Nite Watches

After presenting three options for each task, the client chose the texts that they felt best represented their brand. The client was delighted with the final results and reported that the new copy was helping to convert customers on their website.

How We Work


Before we take on any new product copywriting project, we like to get to know the client first. We’ll arrange an initial meeting (by telephone, email, Skype, or face-to-face) to learn more about your business and what you hope to achieve from working with us.

How Much Does Product Description Copywriting Cost?


A good product description copywriter will do more than simply explain features. They’ll tell the reader what’s in it for them by drawing out the benefits of the product and tying it to a certain lifestyle or aspiration. There may even be an element of brand storytelling involved.


We believe in being as up-front as possible when it comes to pricing. Our day rate is £400 and we provide a price per description, so you’ll know exactly how much the work will cost up front. Some of the factors that we consider when pricing for product description copywriting include:


  • The number of descriptions that need written
  • The number of words required per description
  • How much research is involved
  • Whether tone of voice guidelines are required
  • Whether on-page SEO should be considered
  • How many revisions are needed
  • The project deadline


To provide some context, we typically charge from £25 for a 75-100-word description as part of a larger project, assuming we have access to a list of features. We offer two rounds of revisions per set of descriptions. However, we always aim to please and are usually happy to make additional tweaks at no extra cost until you’re happy with the copy.


Our prices include all ongoing correspondence with the client, editing, proofreading and amendments. We’d send over the descriptions in small batches to gather your feedback, adjust and approve as we go.


Drop Us a Line…


If you’re looking for a product description copywriter that will take an invested interest in the growth of your business, then please get in touch.