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White Papers for Centrica Business Solutions


Centrica is a British multinational energy and services company.

We were approached by London agency, Designhouse to write 2 white papers for Centrica’s new campaign about reducing commercial energy costs. The particular themes of the documents were implementing green innovation and energy optimisation.

The client wanted the white papers to be objective, discussing the key energy issues that businesses are facing and how optimisation can help.

The white papers had to be a persuasive, authoritative and in-depth, presenting the issues in an engaging way and offering a solution based on research and interviews with Centrica experts.

In preparation for writing the white papers, we adopted the five principles of content design to establish the structure. We wanted to ensure that the information contained in the document was findable, clear, connected, human and helpful. We created a skeleton draft, outlining what we should say and where. Once the client approved, we arranged to speak with two staff members at Centrica and we conducted an interview to gain more insights into the issues that commercial energy clients were facing.

We used the content from these interviews to pull out quotes within the white paper to be used as rich materials and to provide an expert analysis. We created a first draft of the document using an active voice, written in the present tense. After presenting the draft to the client, we took on board all feedback and made all necessary adjustments. Both the client and the agency were delighted with the final copy, which was sent to a graphic designer for the white papers to be finalised.

Both white papers can be downloaded using the links below: