How to Generate Content Ideas For Your Blog

It happens to the best of us: writer’s block.


When writer’s block hits it can feel like the worst thing in the world especially when you have a community that you need to push content to; you certainly don’t want to let them down! If you’re feeling a bit stumped for new ideas then consider these ten great ways that will generate lots of new topics for your next post.


Keep a Record of Your Ideas


Whether it’s a pen & paper or a text file on your computer – take a note of ideas as the come into your head. Every day you will find new inspiration and if you have access to a pen and notepad then you’ll have readily available material whenever the time to create new posts comes.


Compile a List of Frequently Asked Questions


Do some research into the most common questions that people ask in your industry that few (or no) others have responded to. Write down these questions and begin responding to them one at a time. You’ll probably find that these types of articles generate a lot of interest from the ‘newbie’ market as your post will effectively save people a lot of time searching for answers to these questions individually online.


Write About What Interests You


People visit your website to hear what you have to say, so why not write something solely for your own interest. The chances are that your readers will also be interested in posts that have more of a personal edge even they are a little off topic. Your own interests may not be valuable to everyone but they can still provide entertaining reading and useful information for those that want to know what goes on behind the scenes of your website.


Take Inspiration From Others


Keep close tabs on what other websites in your niche are doing and take note of the content they produce – does it seem to be working for them? If so, why not compliment their content with your own. Write a follow up post to another website’s content or expand on an idea that you (or your community) find interesting.


Round Up the Best Content On the Web


Find the best content you can from other websites and bloggers and share it in a list post. Your community will be thankful that you’ve taken the time to find valuable resources for them and during the process you may find a few ideas for your next content piece.


Interview Someone


Find someone who inspires you or is considered an expert in your industry and ask if you can interview them. If they’re local, you can do this by telephone or if they’re further away you can write a series of questions and email them over. By understanding the mindset of those people who inspire you, some of their influence may rub off and you can find yourself tapping into new ideas for your content.


Record a Video


Take a break from writing and record a video instead. Buy a small camera, set it up and sit down in front of it. Record some of your thoughts and ideas and watch the video back to see if you gain any insight from it. If you stumble across some good ideas, re-record the best bits in a more professional way and post it to your blog or website. Video can also create opportunities to tap into other forms of content sharing – Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion are all great websites to upload your final video to and will help increase your website traffic.


Share Something Personal


Share something that you think your readers would be interested in knowing about you and your business. Opening up to your community is a great way to build a connection.


Create a Topical Series


Find one thing you’d like to cover and break it down into individual articles by looking at the unique steps required to accomplish each milestone. Use the topic’s milestones as a new idea for a post, begin writing and let the ideas fly onto paper (or screen).


Rewrite Existing Content


Creating new articles from older posts can be a great source of inspiration. Rewriting your old content can bring a new dimension to your posts and with the right spin, can give your articles a new perspective.


Writer’s block is completely in your mind; if you keep your mind fresh with new ideas it will never take hold of you. Try one (or all) of this article’s methods for generating an article idea; you may already have thought of one…


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