‘Jamie Thomson is able to deliver both quality and quantity. When it came to populating a national careers site with 700+ career profiles offering genuine guidance to young people, he was a lifesaver. He’s a freelancer in a cape. Plotr.co.uk will be sure to shine the bat signal in his direction in future.’

Magda Knight, Online Editor at Plotr


As a freelance copywriter, I offer copywriting services to clients and agencies from all corners of the digital globe. A good copywriter should be able to carry out market research, understand the psychology of selling and be able to write in a persuasive manner – no easy task to learn overnight. Hiring a professional freelance copywriter like me to write your website copy, sales letters, emails and blog content can make all the difference in setting your business apart from others in your industry.


My Niches


I write for some global brands like Virgin as well as smaller and medium sized businesses. I’m able to write on a wide range of topics and over lots of different industries. My copywriting niches include new technology, energy and the environment, education, internet and digital marketing, careers and recruitment, solar energy and engineering to name but a few.


Why You Need a Professional Freelance Copywriter


A well-written website can enhance your business reputation and establish your brand as an authority. As a freelance copywriter, I carefully consider the tone needed to reflect your business and appeal to your audience. Copywriting is a creative process, combining art and science and this combination has to satisfy both people and search engines, which can be a bit of a balancing act. Regardless of what medium you need your copy for, whether it be video, audio or text, all copywriting should have the same objective – to present an effective message in a persuasive light that appeals to an audience and has the power to influence. I bear this in mind with every piece of copy I write.


How I Can Help


My digital marketing and writing experience neatly combines all the elements needed to write good copy. My copywriting services include:


  • Thoroughly analyzing your target market
  • Researching your company, services and products
  • Giving your brand a voice
  • Creating a first copy of your content
  • Proofreading, editing and amending until you are satisfied
  • Producing your final copy


As an experienced freelance copywriter, I write clear, concise copy broken down into headings, sub-headings and paragraphs while using language that’s easy to understand. The way people read online is changing and we tend to scan information rather than giving our full attention to a page. Given this emerging trend, I make sure that your audience are directed towards the most important information on your website pages first using carefully selected keywords and persuasive language.


If you’d like a free quote for your copywriting project, then download our briefing form below. Or if you’d like to ask any questions, just drop me an email – jamiethomson(at)brandnewcopy.com.



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