New Technology

New technology is being introduced all the time and existing tech is constantly being developed and upgraded. You need a technology copywriter who can keep on top of the latest tech trends and write accurate, well-researched copy that will position your company as an expert in your field. My particular technology niches are in the fields of B2B, marketing, education, energy and engineering. For more information on my new technology copywriting and blogging services, have a look at my landing page.


Energy and Environment

I’m passionate about the environment and alternative sources of energy, having worked for the Energy Saving Trust and as a Project Officer for an environmental company. I have excellent knowledge of energy saving, environmental issues and renewable technology. I’ve written for several environmental, engineering and compliance companies all over the world on the subject of sustainability. Some of my work can be seen on the website of U.S company Burns and McDonnell as well as European company KIC-InnoEnergy. For more information, have a look at my energy and environmental copywriting services.


Internet and Digital Marketing

Having developed websites, I understand how search engines work. I am well-versed in SEO techniques and can provide you with content on blogging, digital marketing, social media, online business and traffic generation. My clients include marketing companies and digital agencies like V3 Marketing. Find out more about my digital and internet marketing copywriting services.



My experience of developing my own educational services website means I appreciate the importance of having unique, high quality content to engage readers. I am able to write in a range of different styles from academic to entertaining and I enjoy learning about the content needs of educational professionals and education businesses. Have a look at my educational and academic copywriting services page.



As an engineering copywriter and blogger, I write compelling website copy, sales and landing pages for companies and agencies in the engineering industry. I can write accurate and factual engineering articles for your blog. The engineering industry moves quickly so you need a copywriter who can keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry. For more information about my engineering copywriting and blogging services, check out my landing page.


Careers and Recruitment

Regardless of your recruitment company’s specialist sector, copywriting is now seen as a top priority for companies within the employment sector. My experience of working in the employability field makes me a good choice of copywriter for your business. So, if you’re looking for a careers and recruitment copywriter, have a look at my careers  and recruitment copywriting services for more information.


Luxury Brands

I write website copy, press releases, sales and landing pages that convert your website visitors into paying customers. I write brand stories and other forms of website content that can help grow your luxury brand and strategically position your company and its offerings in the industry. To find out more about my copywriting services for the luxury market, have a look at my landing page.