screenshot of Vercity website

80 website pages written for infrastructure and real estate leadership company, Vercity

Vercity (formerly HCP), was established in 1997 as a specialist healthcare PFI (Private Finance Initiative) and PPP (Public-Private Partnership) developer.

This project was a collaboration between Brand New Copy and Edinburgh creative agency, Elastic. Elastic won a competitive tender to help transform the former HCP brand to reach a new global audience. The project objectives were to broaden the company’s client base and sector presence, improve how they communicated their vision, values, history and culture, and improve their market visibility while attracting talent to the business.

After conducting a brand workshop, which resulted in the new name, Vercity, Elastic contacted me to assist in writing the company’s new website. Through multiple interviews with various Vercity team members, a bold, confident, and engaging tone was identified that perfectly reflected Vercity’s new brand and appealed to its various target audiences.

Elastic then began developing a new high-performing website to showcase Vercity’s new brand and positioning in the marketplace. In tandem, I began the process of structuring, writing, reviewing and proofreading 80 pages of keyword-rich website copy. Throughout the entire copywriting process, feedback was gathered from Elastic, and various subject experts at Vercity, with the CEO approving the final copy. The entire Vercity website was written and approved in under two months.

As the result of careful planning, seamless collaboration and clear communication, Elastic and Brand New Copy helped Vercity transformed its online presence, visibility and credibility. This project is an example of how two Edinburgh-based creative service providers have collaborated to transform a London brand to reach a new global audience.

Elastic’s ability to unite business objectives with brand messaging has helped Vercity refine its proposition. A ‘design thinking’ approach planned for a specific outcome and helped Vercity reposition itself in response to marketplace changes. Brand New Copy’s ability to translate Elastic’s rebranding work into a consistent, tangible tone of voice, using specific brand language, has helped Vercity communicate more effectively. The vercity project has further cemented a positive working relationship for future collaboration.

The website is now live and can be viewed here.