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2 Technical White Papers for the University of Glasgow

The James Watt School of Engineering is home to internationally established research leaders, and is known for its culture of innovation and enterprise.

I was contacted by the Unveristy of Glasgow to write two white papers on two new technologies that the University had developed. As the technologies in question weren’t commercially available in other forms, I had to read a number of academic journals and research papers to familarise myself with the products.

The School of Engineering required white papers that explained the technologies in layman’s terms to attract interest from potential investors and end-users. Working closely with post-graduate students and professors, I created a skeleton draft for each white paper, gathered feedback and made the necessary adjustments.

After completing a first draft, the documents were checked by the university for factual accuracy. After a couple of round of edits, both documents were approved by the university. This project provided me with a unique challenge to position brand new technologies in an existing marketplace, showcasing their benefits, cost savings and potential future use.

The University was very pleased with the final white papers, which are being used for their intended purpose.