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Thought Leadership Articles for SaaS Company, triPica

triPica is a SaaS IT company that operates across the utilities, telecom, and tech sectors. Its platform enables digital telco and utility companies to orchestrate a best-in-class end-to-end journey for their customers.

As a copywriter for the energy sector, triPica, asked me to provide regular thought leadership articles for their growing content hub. The articles had to reflect the company’s unique positioning in the wider energy industry and provide detailed insights for a target audience of energy companies.

With every article, triPica provides a working title and a brief, and I carry out marketplace research. Once I’ve read all the relevant reports and gathered statistics, I structure each article into subheadings. I then consider each heading from triPica’s perspective and ensure that the messaging is consistent with the brand.

Where relevant, I include references to triPica’s products, services, and case studies to strengthen the organisations’ authority as a SaaS provider. Each article is approximately 1,500 words in length and provides a deep dive into the subject matter.

All my articles are available to read on the energy insights page of the triPica website.