A 1005% Increase in Traffic in 9 Months For Success at School

Success at School is a careers advice website for secondary school students.


The Brief

Having written copy for youth career websites before, we were contacted by Success at School to help them create and execute an SEO strategy for their site. Firstly, we arranged a consultation call to discuss how the client’s website was performing in organic search. At the time, the site had received 6,000 visits in the last month and the client was looking to increase this in order to attract advertisers on the site. We carried out extensive keyword research and competitor analyses in order to identify ways to increase organic search through content marketing.


What the Client Said...

‘We started to see some exciting results from about September 2015 onward. In the last 9 months we’ve seen over a 1000% increase in traffic from search. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the SEO strategy we have implemented with Jamie.’

Mitesh Bhimjiyani, CEO Success at School

The Outcome

The first 12 weeks of the project was focused on applying on-page SEO to the website’s existing pages and creating new keyword-focused content. At the 12 week mark, thanks to our on-page strategy, we increase the site’s organic visits to 9,685 per month, which was a 38% increase. Throughout the last 12 week period, we focused on improving the technical SEO of the site by focusing on site speed and load time.


Coupled with some new insights from a powerful SEO tool, we adapted the famous skyscraper technique in order to identify keyphrases with high monthly search volumes yet little low or medium competition in the SEO stakes. Within the 9 month period, we increased Success at School’s organic search traffic by 1005%.


You can read our full case study here.