15 Product Descriptions, and a Brand Story for Watch Retailer Marc Brug

Marc Brug is a contemporary, minimal watch brand based in London.


The Brief

Marc Brug asked us to write the product descriptions for its new men’s and women’s watch line. Because the brand was new, we had to create its tone of voice and make sure that it come across in the descriptions. We were also asked to write a compelling brand story for the About page on the website.


What the Client Said...

‘I was looking for a luxury watch copywriter that would be able to create product descriptions and a company story for my new watch brand. I needed someone who could create not dull and boring pieces of content but descriptions that sell the product and are fun to read.  After seeing a few samples sent by Jamie, I decided that he would be the best person for the job and I never regretted it. The copy produced by Brand New Copy needed no tweaking or adjusting. It was exactly what I was looking for. I’m glad that we’ve met and we will definitely work on more projects for my brand in the future.’

Tomasz Mickiewicz, Marc Brüg watches

The Outcome

After carrying out research into the brand’s main competitors, we documented Marc Brug’s new tone of voice in a guidelines document. We used this guide as a reference point when writing the product descriptions. As each watch is named after a popular location, we tried to encaspulate the spirit of the location in the descriptions. We also added lifestyle scenarios to each text in order to appeal to the wearer’s personality. As part of the process of writing the brand story, we dug deep into the company’s values and aspirations, while keeping their audience in mind. The client was delighted with the final copy and the brand has established itself as a leading British fashion watch retailer.