15 Product Descriptions, and a Brand Story for Watch Retailer Marc Brug

Marc Brug is a contemporary, minimal watch brand based in London.

Marc Brug asked me write the product descriptions for its new men’s and women’s watch line. Because the brand was new, I had to create its tone of voice and make sure that it come across in the descriptions. I was also asked to write a compelling brand story for the About page on the website.

After carrying out research into the brand’s main competitors, I documented Marc Brug’s new tone of voice in a guidelines document. I used this guide as a reference point when writing the product descriptions. As each watch is named after a popular location, I tried to encapsulate the spirit of the location in the descriptions.

I also added lifestyle scenarios to each text in order to appeal to the wearer’s personality. As part of the process of writing the brand story, I dug deep into the company’s values and aspirations, while keeping their audience in mind. The client was delighted with the final copy and the brand has established itself as a leading British fashion watch retailer.