A Radio Script, Video Script and Campaign Taglines for Property Website ASPC

ASPC is a property and real estate website for the North East of Scotland.

I was asked by creative marketing agency Mearns & Gill to assist with some copywriting projects for their client, ASPC. These projects included writing a radio script, a video script for an internal event and taglines for a new campaign. As ASPC are longstanding property leaders in the North East of Scotland, they have tried and tested approaches to their marketing campaigns and have an established tone of voice. As part of the brief, the copy that we produced had to be in keeping with the client’s existing branding.

As part of my research for these projects, Mearns & Gill provided me with a portfolio of ASPC’s previous campaigns, including advertorials, design work and previous scripts that Mearns & Gill had created over the years. I took note of recurring themes that could be expanded to form the basis of new campaign ideas. My first approach was to focus on creating tagline ideas that could be used as stand-alone slogans for print adverts and be incorporated into a video script.

With several tagline ideas to choose from, I worked closely with Mearns & Gill’s videographer to write a script to be used for an internal client event. The final video script drew on previous ideas we had come up with for the taglines and were incorporated into the final narration. Both Mearns & Gill and ASPC were pleased with the final copy that we assisted with.

Here’s the final video that Mearns & Gill produced for ASPC: