Website copywriting is a creative process, combining art and science. This combination has to satisfy both people and search engines, which can be a bit of a balancing act.


No matter what medium you are using, whether it be video, audio or text, all copywriting should have the same objective – to present an effective message in a persuasive light that appeals to an audience and has the power to influence. This golden rule not only applies to websites but also to magazines, brochures and sales letters.


However, copywriting for the web presents a number of unique challenges and therefore needs a slightly different approach:


Ask yourself this question: Do you read on the Internet in the same way you read on paper? If you properly think about it, your answer will probably be ‘no’. Some factors to consider include monitor resolution, colours, glare, and having a static reading surface. When we read online, we are more comfortable scanning sub-headings, clicking hyperlinks and jumping between pages and this is because we’ve become conditioned to do so.


What you need to know about copywriting:


  • The most popular button on the internet is the ‘back’ button which means that if your content isn’t instantly engaging, people will look for your products or services elsewhere.


  • People are becoming savvier to what good content looks like. You need to impress quickly because it only takes 23 seconds for someone to make up their mind whether they’re interested in what you’re selling online.


  • Copywriting requires an active voice. Simply listing your products and services isn’t enough – your content needs to create a sense of urgency and clearly outline the benefits to potential customers.


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