40 Career Profiles Written for Careers Website Plotr


Plotr are a youth careers website based in the UK.

After tendering to write for Plotr, my proposal was accepted. I was then asked by the website editor to create a series of career profiles to help young people in the UK make informed choices about their future career paths. Working from a copy deck, I wrote 40 detailed career profiles, which contributed to the 700+ profiles now on the Plotr website.

What the Client Said

Jamie Thomson is able to deliver both quality and quantity. When it came to populating a national careers site with 700+ career profiles offering genuine guidance to young people, he was a lifesaver. He’s a freelancer in a cape. Plotr.co.uk will be sure to shine the bat signal in his direction in future.”

Magda Knight, Online Editor at Plotr Careers

After an intense period of research, writing and editing, I produced all 40 career profiles on time. The careers industry in the UK is very competitive and we were meticulous in researching competing articles in order to produce, better, more informative copy for Plotr. The client was very happy with the work we produced for them.