International Standards Policy Statements

Last updated: 24.09.21

The following policy statements have been created to demonstrate a commitment to adhering with international environmental and quality standards. 

Brand New Copy may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. This policy is effective from 24.09.21.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS)

Brand New Copy proudly acknowledges the implementation and adherence to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) standards.

As the Director of Brand New Copy, I recognizse the critical importance of maintaining the highest standards in my operations, processes, and services. The adoption of the ISO 9001 QMS framework aligns with my dedication to delivering exceptional copywriting services while ensuring the satisfaction of my clients.

Key Principles and Commitments:

  1. Customer Focus: My clients are at the heart of everything I do. By adhering to ISO 9001, I emphasise understanding and meeting their requirements, aiming to exceed their expectations consistently.
  2. Process Approach: I have structured my operations to follow a systematic and efficient approach. This ensures clarity, effectiveness, and the ability to adapt to changes seamlessly.
  3. Continuous Improvement: Brand New Copy is committed to an ongoing cycle of improvement. I regularly review and enhance my processes to optimise efficiency, minimise errors, and enhance the overall quality of my services.
  4. Evidence-Based Decision Making: My decision-making process relies on data and information. By using evidence-based practices, I strive to make informed choices that contribute to the growth and success of my business.

By formally acknowledging my adherence to the ISO 9001 QMS standards, Brand New Copy is reinforcing its commitment to providing clients with copywriting services that meet and exceed industry benchmarks. This certification not only signifies my dedication to quality but also emphasises my responsibility to consistently enhance my processes for the benefit of my clients and stakeholders.

ISO 14001 Environmental Mgt. System (EMS)

Brand New Copy is fully committed to upholding the principles and practices outlined in the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS). My dedication to environmental responsibility aligns with my intention to not only provide outstanding copywriting services but to do so with a genuine commitment to sustainability.

As part of my pledge to environmental stewardship, I acknowledge and adhere to the following key principles outlined in the ISO 14001 EMS:

  1. Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Brand New Copy is dedicated to complying with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements. I recognise the importance of keeping up to date with evolving standards to ensure that my operations remain environmentally responsible.
  2. Resource Efficiency: I am committed to optimizing my resource usage, reducing waste, and promoting efficient consumption. By doing so, I aim to minimise my environmental footprint and contribute to the conservation of natural resources.
  3. Pollution Prevention: Brand New Copy actively seeks to prevent pollution at its source. I implement measures to reduce or eliminate emissions, waste, and other environmental impacts associated with my operations.
  4. Continuous Improvement: My commitment to the ISO 14001 EMS includes a commitment to ongoing improvement. I regularly review my environmental performance, set objectives for enhancement, and strive to innovate in ways that reduce my environmental impact.
  5. Stakeholder Engagement: I recognise the significance of engaging with stakeholders on environmental matters. This includes fostering open communication with clients, suppliers, and the community to ensure a holistic approach to environmental responsibility.

By embracing the ISO 14001 EMS, Brand New Copy proactively contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly business environment. My aim is to be a responsible corporate citizen, considering the environmental impact of my actions and operations.

My Commitment to Energy Management

As the sole proprietor of Brand New Copy, I want to express my unwavering commitment to responsible energy management. I recognise the impact of my energy consumption on both environmental sustainability and operational efficiency, and I am dedicated to adopting practices that promote energy conservation and efficiency.

In alignment with this commitment:

  1. Energy Efficiency: I pledge to optimise the use of energy in my workspace. This includes using energy-efficient equipment, turning off electronic devices when not in use, and incorporating energy-saving practices into my daily operations.
  2. Continuous Improvement: Acknowledging the dynamic nature of energy management practices, I commit to continuous improvement. Regular assessments of my energy consumption patterns guide me in identifying areas for enhancement and implementing more sustainable alternatives over time.
  3. Awareness and Education: I understand the importance of staying informed about energy management best practices. I will actively seek knowledge and stay up to date with developments in energy-efficient technologies to ensure that my business remains at the forefront of sustainable practices.
  4. Stakeholder Engagement: While Brand New Copy is a one-person enterprise, I recognise the significance of engaging with stakeholders, including clients and suppliers, to foster a shared commitment to energy efficiency. I will encourage open communication about the importance of energy conservation and explore collaborative opportunities in this regard.

By adopting these principles, I aim to not only reduce the environmental impact of my business, but to also contribute to a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.