Press Release Writing That Avoids the Slush Pile and Gets Your News Noticed

As a freelance press release writer, I write newsworthy releases that catch the eye of journalists, publishers, and media outlets. I’ll help you put your best foot forward.

Press Release Writing Service UK

Both the digital and print media are always looking for a good news story. Your press release has to be more than just fact, it needs to tell a story and be newsworthy. The key to writing a successful release is to put yourself in your audience’s shoes – what do they want to read? If you can tie your press release to a current trend or event, then all the better – your audience needs something to grab on to. Find a great hook and you’re already half way there.

Michael Ricketts Photo

''Wow! A Job Well Done''

‘Wow!! Sent out the press release to a few people/events. So far a book store in the area is ordering her books so they can sell them (very popular book store). A teen literature festival in Texas is requesting her books and might have her as a featured author, and in Chicago, the Chiteen Literary Festival (this is the 1st year) wants to do a sit down interview with her. We feel so blessed. Had to share that with you. Thanks a lot…job well done! I will be using you again.’

Michael Ricketts, President, Climbing Clouds Publishing


''Nailed Our Tone of Voice''

‘Jamie did a fantastic job rewriting all our product descriptions for our premium paddle board brand, along with extensive brand copy for our ecommerce website. He nailed our tone of voice and the brief first time with very few tweaks needed before setting all the copy live. Everything was delivered very efficiently and it was a pleasure to work with Jamie. Brand New Copy will now be our go-to copy writers going forward.’


Charlotte Green, Head of Marketing, Red Paddle Co

How My Press Release Writing Service Can Help

As your freelance press release writer, I’m able to write press releases that gets plenty of publicity for your business and drives traffic to your website. You want your release to be understood by anyone who reads it so we’re careful not to overload your copy with too much jargon. Hire me as your press release writer and your copy will benefit from:


  • Intriguing headlines
  • Persuasive content
  • Correct grammar and spelling
  • Carefully chosen keywords


Which in turn, will help:


  • Get your brand noticed
  • Target your audience
  • Establish your business as a market leader

My press release copywriting services have been used by a range of clients, Police watches, TRAD scaffolding, Elysian Beauty, Climbing Clouds Publishing and many creative agencies.  

14 Press Releases and a Corporate Brochure for TRAD Scaffolding

I was asked by marketing consultancy ACW, to write a series of press releases for TRAD Scaffolding with the aim of positioning them as an authority in their industry. The press releases covered a range of subject matter, including the opening of new offices, events, training and product launches.

100+ Product Descriptions, 10 Press Releases & Brand Storytelling for Police Watches

I’ve been working with the International Luxury Group, (licensees of the Police brand) since 2013. In this time, I’ve written over 100 product descriptions and brand stories for their watch and jewellery collections. Originally, the product descriptions were aimed at a target audience of young men aged between 15-21.

3 Press Releases, Website Copy and a Printed Brochure for the St Andrews Prize for the Environment

I was asked by creative agency Mearns & Gill to write a series of press releases to announce the winner of the St Andrews Prize in 2016. At the time of writing, the winner was unknown, so we had to write 3 different versions of the release.

screenshot of Red Paddle Co website

Press Release Copywriting, Product Descriptions and Website Copywriting for Red Paddle Co

Red Paddle Co asked me to review the copy for their new website. They wanted their renewed brand to communicate the quality of their products in a fun and engaging way. As part of my research, I arranged a video call with Red to learn more about their positioning in the industry and how they prefer to communicate with their customers. 

Screenshot of Melrose Labs website

Press Release for Telecommunications Service Provider, Melrose Labs

Melrose Labs asked me to write a press release to announce the launch of a new partnership that would lead to the development of a new anti-fraud technology. The client was very pleased with the final press release, which has now been published online.

A Press Release Announcing the Official Launch of Pundit Sports App

Pundit sports is an app that enables sports fans to commentate live on their favourite games. I was asked by Pundit to write their official press release, announcing the launch of their software. After carrying out initial research into their target market and establishing the tone of voice, I delivered the press release to the client’s high praise.

How I Work

Is the launch of your new company or new management structure really that interesting to Joe Public? Probably not. So you need to drive home the importance of why it’s unique. I pay attention to the uniqueness of your news and explain what makes it different.


Before I take on any new press release writing project, I like to get to know the client first. I’ll arrange an initial meeting (by telephone, email, Skype, or face-to-face) to learn more about your business and what you hope to achieve from working with me.


I provide press release writing services to clients in a range of industries including:


How Much Does a UK Press Release Writing Service Cost?

I believe in being as up-front as possible when it comes to pricing. My day rate is £500 and I provide a price per release, so you’ll know exactly how much the work will cost up front. Some of the factors that I consider when pricing for press release copywriting services include:


  • How long the press release will be
  • How much research is involved
  • Whether you need us to conduct interviews for quotes
  • How many revisions are needed
  • The project deadline


To provide some context, a typical 500-word press release would cost from £500. Typically, I offer three rounds of revisions per release. However, I always aim to please and are usually happy to make additional tweaks at no extra cost until you’re happy with the copy. The price would include all ongoing correspondence with the client, editing, proofreading and amendments.

Drop Me a Line

I write clear, digestible press releases with killer headlines, enticing sub-headings and persuasive paragraphs that will grab the attention of media outlets. To hire me as your freelance press release writer, simply email me at If you’re looking for a press release copywriter that will take an invested interest in the growth of your business, then please get in touch.