On-Page SEO, Website Copy and Staff Profiles for Plenderleath Runcie

Plenderleath Runcie is a solicitors in Aberdeen.


The Brief

We were asked by creative agency Mearns & Gill to write the website copy for Plenderleath Runcie solicitors in Aberdeen. The project required 14 pages of website copy, including on-page SEO. We were provided with a brief from M&G that focused on establishing the solicitors authority in the local area. Plenderleath Runcie also felt that their reputation wasn’t truly reflected in their search engine rankings, so the website copy needed a focus on local search.

The Outcome

After taking the time to carry out keyword research and develop the website’s on-page architecture, we delivered the copy for each of the required pages. Both Mearns & Gill and Plenderleath Runcie were delighted with the results and the client reported an increase in business through the website thanks to our efforts.