13 sales emails, 1 brand story, 1 brochure + insert and a printed sales letter for luxury retailer Maison d'Opulence.



Maison d’Opulence is a members-only online boutique, specialising in luxury designer collections.


The Brief

Working closely with a team of web designers and developers, we were asked by Maison d’Opulence to create the story behind their brand following the launch of their business. In addition to creating their brand story, we were asked to produce copy for a print and online brochure to be used to attract new clients. We also produced the sales emails to promote the brochure as well as the print sales letters.


The Outcome

After working closely with the client on their brief, we created a brand story that fitted with the company’s origins and their specific target audience. We used this brand story to form the basis of what would become the copy for their online and print brochures.


To request a sample of the sales emails and letters that we wrote, please get in touch.