An Audio Interview and Transcription for John Clark Motor Group


John Clark Motor Group is a franchised car dealership in Scotland.


The Brief

We were asked by London content marketing agency Seven to interview Alan McIntosh, Group Finance Director of John Clark Motor Group for Grant Thornton, chartered accountants. This project was a collaboration between Seven, Brand New Copy and Graham Dargie, a commercial photographer based in Aberdeen. We were asked to prepare question for the interviewee and record the interview using audio equipment.


The Outcome

After preparing questions for the interviewee, Brand New Copy and Graham Dargie travelled to the John Clark Motor Group offices in Aberdeen and met with the company’s CFO. With the audio and video equipment set up and the interviewee properly briefed, we conducted our audio interview. During the interview, Graham took still shots on his camera and afterwards took more shots of the interviewee in and around the John Clark Motor Group offices. Seven were very happy with how the final video turned out.


Here’s what the final video production looked like: