114 Product Descriptions Written for Online Retailer Elysian


Elysian is one of the UK’s leading online fragrance retailers.


The Brief

We were commissioned by SEO agency High Position to write 114 product descriptions for Elysian’s newly-designed website. Each description had to be between 100 and 200 words in length and include the relevant fragrance notes of each perfume or aftershave. Each description had be both informative and sell the product using strong calls to action.

What the Agency Said...

We tested Jamie out to see what he could do… We’ve been using him ever since! The writing is very good quality; it flows, it’s interesting and it couldn’t be less fluffy, whatever the subject matter. Jamie is easy to work with, as deadlines are always met and communication is faultless.’

James Root, High Position

The Outcome

This project involved researching the various different fragrance notes of each individual perfume and presenting them in an easily digestible way as top notes, heart notes and base notes. In order to make each description as unique as possible, we matched each scent to the typical personalities of their intended target audience using elements of brand storytelling. After an intensive couple of weeks writing each description, we delivered all 114 descriptions on time to both the SEO agency and Elysian’s complete satisfaction.


As part of our work with Elysian, we also produced a press release to announce the launch of their new Fragrance Finder in time for Valentine’s Day. After some time using the fragrance finder, we wrote a press release intended for distribution to online outlets. We were careful to keep the tone informative yet playful, in keeping with Elysian’s branding. The final press release was distributed online and contributed to the successful launch of Elysian’s new Fragrance Finder online tool.


You can read the press release here and some of our product descriptions below: