I’m an internet and digital marketing copywriter. With years of experience running my own websites, I know the ins and the outs of developing a brand through effective content marketing and persuasive landing pages. Having developed websites from scratch, I understand how search engines work. I am well-versed in SEO techniques and can provide you with content on blogging, digital marketing, social media, online business and traffic generation.


I write for several companies and agencies on the subject of digital marketing including Kansas-based V3 Marketing.


Did You Know?


That with Google’s penguin and panda updates, effective copywriting and high quality content are now two of the most important elements of online marketing? So, you need an internet and digital marketing copywriter or blogger who can ensure that your website content is well-written, factual and up to date.


What I Can do for You


As an internet and digital marketing copywriter, I can create your website’s landing pages, write your marketing blog or provide you with marketing articles for your clients, particularly if you’re a digital agency, web design company or advertising agency. Perhaps the best examples of my internet and digital marketing copywriting can be found on my own copywriting blog.


I can write well-researched and original articles on:


  • Content marketing strategy
  • Digital marketing trends and developments
  • Social Media marketing
  • Search engine optimization and Google’s latest algorithms
  • New technology in the digital marketing field


If you’d like to find out more about how my digital marketing copywriting and blogging services can help grow your (and your clients’) business, then please get in touch using the contact from on the right hand side. Alternatively, download my copywriting briefing form below and send it to me at jamiethomson(at)brandnewcopy.com.


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