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Financial copywriting doesn’t need to be dry and technical. Carefully considered brand language and a consistent tone of voice can help financial companies stand out in their sector. In this post, we’ve taken our pick of our favourite financial copywriting examples and explain what makes them effective.


Starling Bank

Screenshot of starling bank website


Starling Bank’s Home page is a great example of how a short slogan can sum up a brand’s identity. ‘Feel good about money’ works well because it appeals to people’s emotions. Whereas most banks’ Home pages focus on trying to get people to switch, Starling Bank differentiates itself with a positive, reassuring message.


Screenshot of starling bank website


Below the fold of the Home page, Starling drives its unique selling point further by emphasising the personal aspect of their service. This whole section of writing has a nice, rhythmical flow and the line ‘no fees overseas’ provides a memorable benefit.



Screenshot of FreeAgent website


As a FreeAgent customer, I have to admit, I’m a little biased. But their homepage has a great value proposition. It follows a classic ‘what, why, how’ structure, i.e. what: accounting software, why: sort out the mess and stress, how: manage business finances. The page also includes a special offer and who doesn’t love a freebie? On another note, check out the article FreeAgent wrote for our blog 5 Simple Finance Tips for Freelance Copywriters.


Cleo Finance

Screenshot of Cleo website


Cleo is an AI-powered chatbot that analyses your spending. Their Home page copy is brash and minimalist and makes a lasting impression. The slogan ‘It’s Your Money. Own It’, is simple and clever and different from most other financial service companies.



Screenshot of Trussle website


A good example of simple, straightforward copywriting that delivers a clear message. Online mortgage broker Trussle uses conversational language to explan its offering. The copy loosely follows an AIDA structure, i.e. attract: the UK’s favourite, interest: free expert mortgage advice, desire: save you £300 per month, action: I’m looking to buy/I’m remortgaging.


screenshot of trussle website


Below the Home page fold, the copy continues in a conversational tone, using phrases like ‘you can do it online in just 20 minutes’ and ‘we seal the deal’. The copy also provides reassurance with the phrase ‘we stay by your side’, providing the reader with reassurance that they’ll receive ongoing support.



screenshot of the amiqus website


Amiqus is an ID verification tool for compliance checks. The company’s Home page is a good example of how a value proposition should be written. The copy is straightforward and slightly flippant with the word ‘things’, showcasing a bit of the company’s personality.



screenshot of the lunar website


Banking app Lunar has a clear target audience in mind with their Home page copy. Aimed at younger customers, the copy incorporates an element of storytelling. ‘Things change…’ is a disruptive phrase that grabs the reader’s attention.


screenshot of the lunar website


Below the fold, Lunar’s Home page becomes more personality-driven and displays the brand’s sense of humour. Phrases like ‘but to be fair’ and ‘yes, we said fun’ have a slightly sarcastic tone that helps differentiate the brand from other more established banking apps.


First Direct

screenshot of first direct website


We’ve included First Direct in a list of copywriting examples before in our post 25 Copywriting Examples You Probably Haven’t Seen Before, and the company makes an appearance here too. Their slightly offbeat, quirky copywriting style is unique in the world of retail banking. In the example above, the heading ‘we promise it won’t be hard work’ addresses the reader’s objections straight away. The copy uses familiar phrases like ‘cross our hearts and hope to die’ to draw the reader in and provides a humorous, relatable example at the end to reinforce engagement.




screenshot of the curve website


Some bold copywriting from financial company Curve. ‘This is not a card’ grabs the reader’s attention and sparks their curiosity to find out more. The repetition of the ‘S’ sound in the subheading provides a nice rhythm and makes the slogan memorable.


screenshot of the curve website


Further the down the Home page, the copy uses repetition again, in the vein of Irvine Welsh’s ‘choose life’ monologue in the novel Trainspotting. The features of the product are cleverly inserted and the phrase ‘freakin’ time machine’ appeals to the reader’s sense of nostalgia when ‘times were simpler’.



screenshot of the wagestream website


Here’s a good example of inspirational copy from ‘social impact’ startup Wagestream. The header text delivers an empowering message to employers and the subheading copy outlines the benefits for both the company and the employee.


What other examples of good financial copywriting have you come across? Share your findings in the comments below.


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