Copywriting Case Studies

Here’s a selection of our best copywriting work. Find out more about how we approach our copywriting projects and how we can help grow your business.

A 325% Year on Year Traffic Increase (+ 450% Increase in Revenue) for our Education Client

In a seasonal niche, we helped grow our client’s year-on-year organic traffic by 325% after 6 months, and increase their year-on-year revenue by 450%.

A 1005% Increase in Website Traffic in 9 Months for Success at School...

Within 9 months, we increased our client’s website traffic from 7,029 sessions per month to 77,698 using our content marketing framework.

SEO case study

A 20.48% Increase in Organic Traffic in 8 Weeks for Banks O' Dee Sports Club

By implementing the on-page SEO recommendations outlined in our SEO content audit, we increased our client’s organic search traffic by 20.48% within 8 weeks. We significantly improved the ranking positions of all 10 primary and secondary keywords.

A 48% Boost in Year-on-Year Organic Traffic for Field and Lawn

After following the on-page SEO recommendations in our SEO content audit, Field and Lawn saw a 48% increase in Year-on-Year traffic, a 5% reduction in bounce rate and a significant ranking improvement for almost all 42 targetted keywords.

Screenshot of client's Google Analytics
Screenshot of YouTube analytics

A 55% Increase in Year on Year YouTube Video Traffic for Our Education Client

As a result of taking action on our SEO content audit, our client saw a 54.54% year-on-year increase in YouTube traffic as well as improvements in YouTube rankings. And after the first month of implementing our changes, the site saw a 16% month-on-month increase in YouTube traffic.

189 prospectus pages written for the University of Aberdeen + 6 printed booklets

We were asked by creative marketing agency Mearns & Gill to assist with some copywriting projects for their client, ASPC. These projects included writing a radio script, a video script for an internal event and taglines for a new campaign. ASPC are longstanding property leaders in the North East of Scotland and have a well-established tone of voice.

100+ Product Descriptions, 10 Press Releases & Brand Storytelling for Police Watches

Police watches are one of our oldest clients. When Swiss luxury design agency InterLuxury first contacted us, we were initially asked to create a series of brand stories for the new Police watch and jewellery collection. The stories had to appeal to young men aged between 15-21 and have a distinctly urban, 80’s Americana feel.

40,000 Words Edited and Proofread for Sustainable Energy Company InnoEnergy

Working from a detailed copy deck, we proofread and edited more than 40,000 words of KIC’s Master Education programmes. The resulting edits were uploaded to their website and the copy is used as part of their online prospectus.

40 Career Profiles Written for Careers Website Plotr

We were asked by Plotr to create a series of career profiles to help young people in the UK make informed choices about their future career paths. Working from a copy deck, we wrote 40 detailed career profiles, which contributed to the 700+ profiles now on the Plotr website.

34 Short Film Scripts for the Offshore Achievement Awards

Working with creative marketing agency, Mearns & Gill, I was asked to assist in writing scripts for the 2015 Scottish Offshore Achievement Awards. In total, I produced 34 scripts, which were narrated over the short films.

14 Press Releases and a Corporate Brochure for TRAD Scaffolding

I was asked by marketing consultancy ACW, to write a series of press releases for TRAD Scaffolding with the aim of positioning them as an authority in their industry. The press releases covered a range of subject matter, including the opening of new offices, events, training and product launches.

16 Product Descriptions, Brand Storytelling and Website Copy for Character Design Company Wakster

In total, we wrote the 16 character descriptions for Wakster. After careful consideration, we agreed that the best approach would be to position them based on their unique personalities and drive home their benefits in a CV/Interview style format.

An Audio Interview and Transcription for John Clark Motor Group

We were asked by London content marketing agency Seven to interview the Group Finance Director of John Clark Motor Group for Grant Thornton, chartered accountants. This project was a collaboration between Seven, Brand New Copy and  a commercial photographer.

Seasonal Campaigns, Window Dressing, Print Adverts, Placards and a Print Booklet for Independent Jeweller Jamieson & Carry

Creative marketing agency Mearns & Gill asked us to help write the copy for some print adverts for their client Jamieson & Carry.

Content Strategy and Content Creation for Passenger Clothing

We worked with Passenger to create a content marketing strategy to help launch their website’s new blog.  We managed to secure interviews with some of the surfing industry’s biggest influencers, including photographers, surfboard shapers and the guys behind the UK’s first ever wave garden.

114 Product Descriptions Written for Online Retailer Elysian

This project involved researching the various different fragrance notes of each individual perfume and presenting them in an easily digestible way as top notes, heart notes and base notes. After an intensive couple of weeks, we delivered all 114 descriptions on time to the client’s complete satisfaction.

48 Product Descriptions Written for Luxury Brand Bonadea

We were contacted by Bonadea to write the product descriptions for their newest collections. The brief was to highlight the design and functionality of each item, while providing an element of storytelling to create allure.

13 sales emails, 1 brand story, 1 brochure + insert and a printed sales letter for luxury retailer Maison d'Opulence

After working closely with the client on their brief, we created a brand story that fitted with the company’s origins and their specific target audience. We used this brand story to form the basis of what would become the copy for their online and print brochures.

Screenshot of St Andrews Prize website

An SEO audit, 3 Press Releases, Website Copy and a Printed Brochure for the St Andrews Prize for the Environment

We were asked by creative agency Mearns & Gill to write a series of press releases to announce the winner of the St Andrews Prize in 2016. At the time of writing, the winner was unknown, so we had to write 3 different versions of the release.

Brand Storytelling and Product Description for Glenfarclas Whisky

Focusing on the history of the brand, we took the story ideas and historical information and structured them into a 230 word narrative that explained the history, distilling process and celebration of Glenfarclas whisky. The whisky was named £511.19s 0d Family Reserve.

2,700 Social Shares Within 48 hours With One Article for Virgin's Entrepreneur Channel

We were asked by Virgin Entrepreneur’s online editor to write a series of articles about the rise of flexible working in the UK, based on survey results that Virgin had gathered. Our post ’20 Years in Counting: Research Predicts Offices Will Soon No Longer Exist’ was one of the most popular articles.

A Radio Script, Video Script and Campaign Taglines for Property Website ASPC

As part of our research for these projects, Mearns & Gill provided us with a portfolio of ASPC’s previous campaigns, including advertorials, design work and previous scripts that Mearns & Gill had created over the years. We took note of recurring themes that could be expanded to form the basis of new campaign ideas.

A Brand Statement, Shipping and Returns Policy and a New Collection Description for Nite Watches

We were approached by Nite Watches to write a 25-50 word brand statement that captured the company’s unique selling point. We were also asked to write the brand’s shipping and returns policy to serve as a re-enforcement of the company’s reputable reputation and to show the benefits of buying from them directly.

14 Optimized Website Pages Written for Nexus Surface Treatments

Working in collaboration with design agency 06Media, we were approached to write the copy for the newly-designed Nexus website. After meeting with the client face-to-face, we initially helped them refine their service offerings by specialism and industry.

An Advertorial, Native Advertising Feature and Brochure Content for Malcolm Allan Housebuilders

We were asked by creative agency Mearns & Gill to write an advertorial for Malcolm Allan Housebuilders to be published in the Press and Journal, alongside a native advertising feature for a local magazine. The brief was to promote a new housing development in an affluent area of the North East.

On-Page SEO, Website Copy and Staff Profiles for Plenderleath Runcie

After taking the time to carry out keyword research and develop the website’s on-page architecture, we delivered the copy for each of the required pages. Both Mearns & Gill and Plenderleath Runcie were delighted with the results and the client reported an increase in business through the website thanks to our efforts.

Screenshot of Stoneywood Office website

Website Copywriting for Stoneywood Commercial Property

Working closely with design agency 06Media, we were approached to re-write the copy on the new Donside Properties website with the aim of renting and/or selling the building. The brief was to highlight the benefits of renting or buying a commercial property in the Stoneywood area of Aberdeen, rather than in the city centre.

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